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Pool Side Follow Up

After having posted on the Kefer Soussah square project the other day I felt like I should also pass on some pics I snapped from inside the Tishreen National Sports Complex taken the same evening. The complex has been under construction for at least the past year…trust me, I would know, I work out there. The construction here was mainly focused on the regional Special Olympics held here last week and as you can see things look pretty good.

Hope everyone’s weekend is going great!








Walter Raubeson

Walter spent the last two years living and working in Damascus, reporting on the Syrian social, political, and cultural scene. Recently returned to the US, Walter continues to monitor Middle Eastern events with verve, and also gusto.

Having graduated from New York University's Masters Program in Political Science- International Relations-in September 2008, Walter's MA thesis analyzed the Lebanese political system; focusing on the impact of foreign intervention within Lebanon, particularly the roles of Iran, Israel, Syria, and the US.