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And Now for Something Completely Different….

This is my maiden post for the Foreign Policy Association, so I thought I’d briefly introduce myself and share some thoughts about what I hope to accomplish with my blog posts for FPA.

I have served in various capacities in and around the Washington, D.C. policy community over the last twenty years or so, where I have worked on a broad range of issues, including arms control, nuclear nonproliferation, nuclear power and safety and bi- and multilateral organizations and cooperation.  I have spent time at the Departments of State, Energy and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission where I worked extensively with folks at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as well as the governments of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Former Soviet Union and South and East Asia.

I also served as an international relations Fellow in the House and Senate, and, most recently, as Professional Staff on the Senate Homeland Security Committee.  I consider myself a practitioner in the arms control and nonpro fields, so you will find that my blogs attempt to reflect a realistic view of what I believe the Executive and Legislative branches can reasonably accomplish.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be critical of some efforts.  I’ve been around too long not to be.

I hope to provide well-informed commentary on arms control and nonpro issues that is a bit different from other blogs on the same subject matter.  Please bear with me as I find my way.  Oh, and I may even try to be witty.  Be gentle.



Jodi Lieberman

Jodi Lieberman is a veteran of the arms control, nonproliferation, nuclear terrorism and nuclear safety trenches, having worked at the Departments of State, Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission. She has also served in an advisory capacity and as professional staff for several members of Congress in both the House and Senate as well as the Senate Homeland Security Committee. Jodi currently spends her time advocating for science issues and funding as the Senior Government Affairs Specialist at the American Physical Society. The views expressed in her posts are her views based on her professional experience but in way should be construed to represent those of her employer.

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