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Five Ways to Help the People of the Horn of Africa

Five Ways to Help the People of the Horn of Africa

A humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa region is threatening over 10 million people, with women and children being the most vulnerable.  A startling amalgam of factors have converged to create a deadly situation, particularly drought, malnutrition, region-wide conflicts, poor governance and limited access by aid organizations.

While we keep an eye on how the crisis is being managed, it is important to learn more about aid campaigns that are providing relief to the people of the Horn of Africa and the region.  Information about five such campaigns, along with links to donation sites, can be found below.

Action Against Hunger
Press release:  Immediate Action Needed to Avert Fuller Crisis
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CARE Around the World: East & Central Africa
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Background: East Africa Food Crisis
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Food for the Hungry
Horn of Africa Drought Threatens Millions
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World Food Programme
Campaign information
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 Also, FPA blogger Crystal Huskey’s writes about “Drought and Social Enterprise in the Horn of Africa,” presenting more information about the origins of the crisis and longer term solutions that may be found in social enterprise.

Posted by Michael Lucivero.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Feisal Omar

Video: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)