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Russia Begs Americans to Re-elect Obama

Russia Begs Americans to Re-elect Obama

“Today in the Senate, I met with Senators Jon Kyl and Mark Kirk”, announced Russia’s ambassador to Nato Dmitry Rogozin. “I…was transported in a time machine back several decades, and in front of me sat two monsters of the Cold War, who looked at me not through pupils, but targeting sights.”

“The meeting is very useful because it shows that the alternative to Barack Obama is a collapse of all the programs of cooperation with Russia,” he said.

Obama may not be giving his people much reason to keep him in the White House lately. And his selection of the bland ex(?)-neocon and unscrupulous career sycophant Michael McFaul as ambassador to Moscow showed a characteristic lack of backbone.

Of course, Russia has its own, self-interested reasons for scaremongering against Obama’s opponents. Nevertheless, Rogozin has given us a timely reminder that, while rightly condemning Obama’s almost daily betrayal of his domestic election promises, we should keep in mind that the Republicans would be unimaginably worse, particularly on questions of international relations.

Perhaps Obama should consider opening the 2012 vote to Russians; they might be the only votes he gets, while for the Russians, they will certainly be their only meaningful elections that year. It’s a win win!



Vadim Nikitin

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