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New Perspectives on East Asia, Past and Present

First, a stunning set of pictures of North Korea taken by AP photographer David Guttenfelder, who was on a longer leash than usual during his recent visit to Pyongyang.

Second, a quick detour from the realm of foreign policy into that of East Asian historical research, my other hobbyhorse. Anyone looking for the cutting edge of historical research need look no further than the Hiroshima Archives Project. Pioneered by a group of GIS specialists, historians, and geographers from institutions across Japan, this project throws into sharp relief the potential of the digital humanities — and the importance of research that cuts across disciplines. Of course, it is one of many such projects. Nonetheless, it sets the bar for a new level of interaction with the past using the sharpest tools of the present.

See for yourself:

Expect much more of this type of research down the road…

(H/T to Colin Tyner)




David Fedman

David Fedman is a PhD student in the History Department of Stanford University where he focuses on modern Japanese and Korean history. He lives in San Francisco, California.