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Japanese TV Show: Become a Good Speaker by Imitating Hitler

Japanese TV Show: Become a Good Speaker by Imitating HitlerA Japanese TV show that aired Tuesday advocated imitating Adolf Hitler to become an influential speaker.

In a new low, even for Japanese TV, the show, “Kyokasho ni nosetai!” (“Let’s put it on the TEXTBOOK!”), looked at how Hitler “brainwashed the populace,” and how these techniques can be “applied to school and the workplace.” Other episodes in the series feature obscure trivia about despots from around the world, such as Uganda President Yoweri Museveni’s rap CD or former Turkmenistan President for Life Saparmurat Niyazov’s bronze statue.

While the episode was in bad taste, I don’t think the show was meant to be offensive. I’ve mentioned before that the Japanese are painfully ignorant of World War II atrocities, despite the fact that they themselves committed a fair share of them. Although you’d think they would have learned their lesson after J-Pop group Kishidan caught heat for donning Nazi SS uniforms on TV earlier this year. Japanese TV shows are known for their off-beat humor, which is all they have going for them considering their low budgets and production values. However, Japan should consider putting the history of the war crimes committed by the Axis Powers “on the textbook” before they teach how to emulate Hitler.



Dustin Dye

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