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Iran Nuclear Threat

The Arms Control Association has made available the transcript of a discussion it sponsored last Monday on Iran’s nuclear program. Moderated by ACA Executive Director Daryl Kimball, the discussants were Admiral Joe Sestak, a former congressman; Mark Fitzpatrick, director of the nonproliferation and disarmament program at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London; and ACA senior fellow Greg Thielmann. The main purposes of the session were to assess how far the Iranian nuclear program has progressed and how quickly Tehran might be able to “break out” and build a bomb, what we know about Iran’s nuclear decision-making and how much we can influence it, and the risks of military intervention.

The long discussion is well worth consulting in detail. But its take-away message, as summarized in a blog by Thielmann, is that “an Iranian bomb is neither imminent nor inevitable.”



William Sweet
William Sweet

Bill Sweet has been writing about nuclear arms control and peace politics since interning at the IAEA in Vienna during summer 1974, right after India's test of a "peaceful nuclear device." As an editor and writer for Congressional Quarterly, Physics Today and IEEE Spectrum magazine he wrote about the freeze and European peace movements, space weaponry and Star Wars, Iraq, North Korea and Iran. His work has appeared in magazines like the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and The New Republic, as well as in The New York Times, the LA Times, Newsday and the Baltimore Sun. The author of two books--The Nuclear Age: Energy, Proliferation and the Arms Race, and Kicking the Carbon Habit: The Case for Renewable and Nuclear Energy--he recently published "Situating Putin," a group of essays about contemporary Russia, as an e-book. He teaches European history as an adjunct at CUNY's Borough of Manhattan Community College.