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Haiti: Haitian Leaders Ill-Prepared to Rebuild the Country

Archbishop Guire Poulard

“It is necessary to restore order in the administration of Haiti,” declared Monseigneur Guire Poulard, the Archbishop of Port-au-Prince, during a meeting with officials of international volunteer groups. “If the country was well organized,” he added, “in 10 years it would be rebuilt.”

In its article, Mgr. Guire Poulard wants more Order in the Government, the online news organization Haiti Libre reported Poulard believed that benevolent and religious communities, especially catholic organizations, had a crucial role in rebuilding Haiti. The religious leader reasoned people making up the executive and legislative branches were ill prepared to provide needed leadership, expressing more optimism in the resilience of the Haitian people “Who work and is not afraid of poverty,” to ensure the survival of the country.

Many people perceived Poulard’s intervention as an attempt to reshape the narrative around rebuilding Haiti, exhorting Christians to remain committed to the church’s humanitarian ideals. Rather than the government, he placed greater responsibility on the church, especially young people, students and 800 priests working throughout Haiti, who he inferred, are called to rebuild their country. The Archbishop highlighted education, rebuilding, children, family support, and health care among the areas the church should focus its efforts and resources.