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Deadly Clash on Day Before Liberian Election

Deadly Clash on Day Before Liberian Election
Al Jazeera is reporting that three people have been killed in in an exchange of gun fire with riot police in Monrovia. There are also reports of injuries to several UN peacekeepers, part of the 8000 strong UNMIL mission which has been in the country since 2003.

It is still not clear whether the boycott called for by opposition candidate William Tubman will hold. What is clear is that tensions are running high and that Tubman’s call for a boycott has finally brought his supporters into violent clashes with the police. Reports from the scene have the police claiming that the demonstrators fired first. Whatever happens, this event on top of the forced resignation of the National Election Commissioner James Fromoyan in the wake of the NECs incompetent actions immediately after the first round election, will cast a pall over tomorrow’s balloting.



Michael Keating

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