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Here Come the Black Helicopters

Here Come the Black Helicopters

A comment came in recently asking me if I characterized American voters of being fanatics if they voted for and supported those politicians who fight, tooth and nail, against progress on confronting the climate crisis and fostering our transition to clean tech.  I said, “Um, yes.”

Here’s an article from today’s NY Times, secular socialist internationalist freedom-hating jack-booted thugs that they are, describing Tea Party people who think that fighting sprawl is a UN plot.  Agenda 21, a set of sustainability principles that was fostered at the Earth Summit in Rio 20 years ago, it seems, is quietly undermining American freedom.  Did you know that?

For more on this sort of – what the hell else would you call it but fanaticism?! – see my paper on the American right wing, or the work of folks like Chris Mooney or George Lakoff.



Bill Hewitt

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