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Welcoming Two Additions to Our Iran Page

It is with great pleasure that I announce the addition of two highly professional bloggers to our Iran page at Foreign Policy Association Blogs:  Ms. Azadeh Pourzand and Ms. Allison Kushner. When it comes to Iranian geopolitical and socio-economic affairs, Azadeh and Allison bring an impressive track record in personal, professional, as well as academic experience  to share with our readers worldwide. We all wish them good luck in what promises to be invaluable work by them and look forward to benefiting from their insight. The following is a brief profile of Azadeh and Allison.

Welcoming Two Additions to Our Iran Page

Azadeh Pourzand (left) and Allison Kushner

Azadeh Pourzand is a recent graduate of Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Nyenrode Business Universiteit in the Netherlands. Azadeh broadly focuses on the Middle East and the geopolitics of the region. She is also involved in international projects that aim to strengthen civil society.

An Iranian-American raised in Tehran Iran, Azadeh hopes for a democratic future for her homeland. So, naturally much of her work is focused on Iran. Currently, Azadeh works at Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations in Mumbai, focusing on India-West Asia relations. She takes joy in writing and studying the kinds of literature that emerge from extreme political conditions such as coup, revolution, and war. Azadeh would like her readers to know that her blog with FPA is independent and the opinions expressed in her posts do not represent the views of any of the organizations for which she has worked or is currently involved with.

Allison Kushner was born and raised in New York. She developed a love of politics when she worked for the United States House of Representatives as a Congressional Page. Allison combined her love of writing and international affairs while pursuing her undergraduate studies. She is known for having obtained three bachelor degrees simultaneously from Boston University.

Allison spent more than a year in Israel, studying Middle Eastern history and politics at the University of Haifa, followed by studies in conflict and mediation program in Geneva and London. A Summa Cum Laude graduate in all her three disciplines and recipient of two prestigious awards from Boston University, Allison completed her master’s degree in Middle Eastern Security and Diplomacy at Tel Aviv University. Allison currently teaches world politics and political science and works at a non-governmental organization that deals with refugee and immigration issues.

Reza Akhlaghi,
Foreign Policy Association Blogs