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The Foreign Policy Timeline on Facebook

The Foreign Policy Timeline on Facebook

The first comprehensive history of U.S. foreign policy on Facebook.

The Foreign Policy Association is proud to announce the launch of the Foreign Policy Timeline on Facebook.

Utilizing one of the latest tools offered by the popular social media site, the Foreign Policy Timeline begins at the founding of the FPA  in 1918 and offers viewers access to scores of milestones in foreign affairs over the past century.

The Foreign Policy Timeline also highlights the role of FPA in informing Americans about global affairs throughout the organization’s 94 years of existence.  This historical journey consists of more than 300 posts with short descriptions, links to original news sources and multimedia.

According to Robert Nolan, FPA’s editor-in-chief of new media, the Foreign Policy Timeline represents one of many emerging platforms on which  to engage the public, especially young adults, about issues of international importance and historical significance.

“With so many new resources out there, from online learning to social media, the Facebook Timeline  has allowed the FPA to continue to pioneer at the grass roots – in this case the digital grass roots – level,” he said.  “History teaches lessons of past failures and successes, but it can also be subjective. Having a comprehensive, credible and accessible history of foreign policy within Facebook, users not only receive information, but have a chance to discuss and comment on the facts with people from around the world. It’s the globalization of education in action.”

The Foreign Policy Association is a non-profit organization with the main goal to inform and inspire the American public to learn more about the world. Among their activity are more than 20 yearly foreign affairs events, Off-the-Record lecture series and Great Decisions, the largest national civic-discussion program on global affairs. The organization offers Global Career Boot Camps with specialized seminars for young professional and manages its own Global Job Board. It is also home to the largest network of international affairs blogs online.

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