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Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11

It is difficult to find words as the anniversary of 9/11 arrives again. The inclination is strong to sum-up, to summarize in some way the distance covered, as if distance somehow lends better perspective on the attacks of 9/11. Last year I wrote a blog post calling for reflection and renewal and I think that is still appropriate. As you know, construction on the new One World Trade Center is coming along nicely and the national memorial is open, though concerns have been raised about how much it cost. How much it cost? I guess the critics are thinking in financial terms. I would assess the cost in other terms…already paid. I’ve been browsing the memorial website and it offers some great resources that you may be interested in looking at today. They do a particularly good job of offering online support for the 9/11 families. Instead of getting caught up in the politics and strategy of the war (can it really be that we have been fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan for over a decade?) it’s far more fitting, today at least, to remember the fallen and those they left behind.



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