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YouTube’s Free Channels Taking TV by Storm


YouTube's Free Channels Taking TV by Storm

Source: Mashable

When traditional television was looking the other way, YouTube launched a truckload of what they call “original channels.” The channels cover everything from food and travel to autos and topics for moms.

According to an article in the Guardian on Oct. 8:

The Google-owned video website has linked up with media companies including Hat Trick, All3Media and ITN for the UK channels, which include the Jamie Oliver Food Channel, BBC Worldwide’s On Earth and Mixmag TV.

The 60 additional channels just launched were chosen from a large number of applicants based on what YouTube felt matched its platform of interactivity and connecting with the viewer.

In an interview with Ad Age a few weeks ago, YouTube’s Head of Content Strategy Jamie Byrne stated that an automotive-themed channel called Drive is one of the most successful so far, with more than 100,000 subscribers in only 7 months.

The venture is worth keeping an eye on.



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