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A Picture of a Car Set Aflame: Reactionary Violence in Bangladesh


The right in Bangladesh in again ascendant in violence. Recent reports suggest that student groups are reacting strongly to the government’s arrest and remand of leaders of the opposition coalition.  This, after a morbid spasmodic run of violence that abated not too long ago.

As the days and nights wind up and down to the national election, one wonders what kind of Bangladesh the country’s political leaders and their street-wise cronies will leave behind for the people they claim to serve.

(This drawing is the second in a series that attempts to picture the social and political upheaval in Bangladesh at the heels of the upcoming national elections. The first picture in the series is available here.)



Faheem Haider
Faheem Haider

Faheem Haider is a political analyst, writer and artist. He holds advanced research degrees in political economy, political theory and the political economy of development from the London School of Economics and Political Science and New York University. He also studied political psychology at Columbia University. During long stints away from his beloved Washington Square Park, he studied peace and conflict resolution and French history and European politics at the American University in Washington DC and the University of Paris, respectively.

Faheem has research expertise in democratic theory and the political economy of democracy in South Asia. In whatever time he has to spare, Faheem paints, writes, and edits his own blog on the photographic image and its relationship to the political narrative of fascist, liberal and progressivist art.

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