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Ilan Solot on Turkey


Hosted by Sarwar Kashmeri, the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions podcast series will headline issues together with the leaders whose decisions today will mold the foreign policy of tomorrow. Each podcast will tackle a different Great Decisions topic in the 2014 series, a list of which can be found here. The Great Decisions podcasts can also be found on iTunes.

With its double-digit growth rate, Turkey has, unlike its European neighbors, sailed through the financial storms of the last decade. Now, Turkey is facing a wave of new struggles. Prime Minister Erdogan is constantly extinguishing internal “fires,” the country’s currency has dipped, and the mood of Turks seems sorry.

On this episode of the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions podcast series, Sarwar Kashmeri interviews Ilan Solot, Vice President and Emerging Markets Currency Strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman in London. Solot discusses the recent economic difficulties for the country, Turkey’s fraying identity and credibility, and if Turkey is still the “knight in shining armor” that other countries in the region can look to as a model for economic development.

Profile PicIlan Solot is a Vice President and Emerging Markets Currency Strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman in London. His primary responsibilities include emerging markets currency research, and detailed analysis on global financial markets.

Prior to joining BBH in 2011, he was the Director for Emerging Markets Strategy at Medlay Global Advisors. Ilan also spent time on the Foreign Exchange desk of the New York Federal Reserve, where he covered emerging markets analytically, traded major currencies as part of the Foreign Exchange Intervention Team, and helped implement the currency swap transactions between major central banks during the financial crisis.

Ilan contributes to various industry publications and is frequently interviewed by the global media.

Ilan received an MA in International Relations and Finance from Johns Hopkins University and holds an Executive MBA from Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Brazil.

Sarwar Kashmeri is a Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association, and an Adjunct professor at Norwich University.