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Michael Werz on Turkey


Hosted by Sarwar Kashmeri, the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions podcast series will headline issues together with the leaders whose decisions today will mold the foreign policy of tomorrow. Each podcast will tackle a different Great Decisions topic in the 2014 series, a list of which can be found here. The Great Decisions podcasts can also be found on iTunes.

It wasn’t long ago that Western countries lauded Turkey’s economic growth, its move away from dominance by a core group of military leaders, and its expansive geopolitical perspective. The “Turkish model” was embraced by the West, which hoped other Muslim countries would follow its lead for reform.

Now, the prized Turkish model seems to be suffering. From a ban on Twitter to corruption charges, Turkey’s once illustrious image has been tainted and its stability rocked by scandals. In today’s episode, Sarwar Kashmeri speaks with Michael Werz from the Center for American Progress on what the future may hold for the country.

Michael Werz is a Senior Fellow at the American Progress, where his work as member of the National Security Team focuses on the nexus of climate change, migration, and security and emerging democracies, especially TurkeyMexico, and Brazil. He has been a senior transatlantic fellow at the German Marshall Fund where his work focused on transatlantic foreign policy and the European Union.

He has held appointments as a public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C., and as a John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellow at Harvard’s Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies.

Werz has published numerous articles and several books dealing with a wide range of scholarly and policy issues including race and ethnicity in the 20th century; Western social and intellectual history; minorities in Europe and the United States; ethnic conflicts, politics in Europe, and anti-Americanism.

He is a graduate of Frankfurt University’s Institute for Philosophy and was professor at Hannover University in Germany. He is currently an adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s BMW Center for German and European Studies.

His publications from 2004 to 2009 can be found here.

Sarwar Kashmeri is a Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association, and an Adjunct professor at Norwich University