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The FPA’s Must Reads (July 12 – July 18)


Marines train at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. (Photo: Cpl. Timothy Solano)

Camp Lejeune and the U.S. Military’s Polluted Legacy
By Alexander Nazaryan

Alexander Nazaryan investigates one of the U.S. Military’s most polluted bases, of which there are many, which is poisoning the very soldiers it is intended to train and strengthen.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ethiopia?
Foreign Policy
By Martin Plaut

Martin Plaut tells the story of Andargachew Tsige, an Ethiopian activist whose recent arrest has highlights Ethiopia’s tremendous political problems, as well as the Western World’s apparent inability or unwillingness to do anything about it.

Interview: I Was A Separatist Fighter In Ukraine
Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty

Radio Free Liberty speaks with Artur Gasparyan, an Armenian native recruited in Moscow to fight for the separatist cause in Eastern Ukraine. Gasparyan explains why he fought and how he eventually returned to Russia.

How Russian Hackers Stole the Nasdaq
Bloomberg Businessweek
By Michael Riley

Riley tries to uncover the incredible and only case of a digital weapon being planted in a critical system of the U.S., Nasdaq. The case reveals how the U.S. may not be nearly as prepared or dominant in the cyber realm as it is in the physical realm.

Seeking Soccer Respect, Qatar Looked Abroad
The New York Times
By Steve Eder, Sam Borden, Christopher Harress and Jack Williams

As part of Qatar’s Royal Family’s all-encompassing strategy to transform Qatar, a nation of 300,000, into a global contender, the country embarked on a mission to create a truly global soccer team by recruiting children from around the world and raising them to be ready for the 2022 World Cup.


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GailForce: Are we or are we not still at war with Al Qaeda, its affiliates and adherents (AQAA)? by Gail Harris
Globalization has not reached Somalia, but ‘junglification’ has by Abukar Arman
China Reaches the Equivalent of Peak U.S. Energy Imports Dependence by Eli Rostoum
China, Japan’s Collective Self Defense, and U.S. Interests in Asia by George Paik