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The FPA’s Must Reads (August 2 – August 8)

Barack_Obama_and_Prime_Minister_Vladimir_Putin (1)

President Barack Obama, Ambassador Michael McFaul and other members of the American delegation meet with Vladimir Putin at his dacha outside Moscow in 2009. (Photo: Pete Souza, White House)

Watching the Eclipse
The New Yorker
By David Remnick

David Remnick traces the disintegration of the U.S. and Russia’s relationship through the evolution of Putin’s ideology and the rocky ambassadorship of Michael McFaul in this fantastic article.

Vladimir Putin’s Chess-Master Nemesis
The New York Times
By Steven Lee Myers

After retiring from chess, former world champion Garry Kasparov became a Russian opposition politician, but after being forced in exile he withdrew from politics as well. Now, Garry Kasparov has returned to chess and seeks the presidency of the World Chess Federation. However, his return to chess has also plunged him back into the murky world of politics and intrigue.

An interview with the president
The Economist
By John Micklethwait and Edward Carr

John Micklethwait and Edward Carr sit down with Barack Obama aboard Air Force One to discuss everything from the Africa summit to the Russia and American multilateralism.

One Man’s Journey To Become the First American Suicide Bomber in Syria
By Mike Giglio

Mike Giglio reports on the incredible story of how an unassuming 22 year old from Florida came to Turkey to train with jihadists and became the first American suicide bomber in Syria.

Hamas’s Chances
London Review of Books
By Nathan Thrall

Nathan Thrall explores the origins of the current crisis in Gaza and the obstacles that remain to resolving it.


The Difficulties of Handling a Melee of Policy Decisions by Richard Basas
Candid Discussions: Noura Erakat on the Conflict in Gaza by Reza Akhlaghi
Global Value Chains Mean That Trade Barriers’ Costs Become Compounded by George Paik
GailForce: Aspen Security Forum Part II by Gail Harris