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Kurdish Leader Stresses America Is Supporting Terrorists in Syria


Photo Credit: Voice of America

Syrian Kurdish Leader Sherkoh Abbas calls on the U.S. to stop supporting the PYD and the Islamists in Syria. He rejects the replacement of one dictator for another and emphasized that the U.S. needs to stand behind those that support democracy and human rights within the country.

In an interview with JerusalemOnline, Sherkoh Abbas, chairman of the Kurdish National Assembly of Syria (Kurdnas), stressed that the U.S. is making a mistake by supporting the PYD in Syria because they are linked to the PKK, which the United States, EU and their allies considers to be a terrorist organization due to their history of committing suicide bombings in Turkey and they also have ties to the Assad regime. “It is wrong for the US not to support the Kurds and we welcome the recent shift in US policy but they need to support the right people in Syria who want a federal model, democracy, human rights and not people who are against those values. The US always chooses the wrong people, whether the Islamists or people they themselves call terrorists.”

“I hope that they prove us wrong and delink themselves from the PKK and Assad,” Sherkoh Abbas told JerusalemOnline. “There are many leaders in the PYD that are trying to change the organization from within, but there are key people within the PYD who are blocking this because they aren’t Syrian Kurds and have allegiances to the PKK. Those people don’t allow the Syrian Kurds to flourish like in Iraqi Kurdistan. The PYD needs to show they are not against the US, the west, Israel and don’t support terror. More importantly, they need to work within the Kurdish front. Then, they can be supported.”

Until then, he stressed the U.S. should only support the Kurdish National Assembly of Syria and the Kurdish National Council: “There are about 21 Kurdish political parties between these two assemblies. They proscribe to federalism, good relations with the west and Israel, support democracy and the free market economy. Most of the Kurds proscribe to these groups. However, the PYD gets all the weapons and assistance in the region. They block these groups from creating a Kurdish regime in Syria and at the same time deny the Kurdish issue according to Ocalan’s speech (Ocalan only seeks to create a Kurdish state in Turkey and not in Syria, Iraq and Iran). Most of the Kurds are allied with the KRG, the west, and have the same values as Americans and western people, except for the PYD.”

Sherkoh Abbas noted that the U.S. is also making a grave mistake by supporting Turkey in the framework of the struggle against ISIS: “Turkey will never support the western agenda, Israel and the Kurds. They want to change the regime in Syria as part of their neo-Ottoman ambitions which is more Islamist. They want to crush Kurdish self-determination, for they don’t want the Kurds in Turkey to ask for the same. They are more interested in protecting the memorial for an Ottoman sultan than hundreds of thousands of women and children’s lives. They don’t have any value for that, if they view a memorial as more important than the elderly, women and children. It’s a nation going in the wrong direction if they are not going in a humanistic way.”

“The US administration still thinks they are in the Cold War,” he noted. “They need to think beyond it, about what America stands for: democracy and human rights. We only ask for that; we are the only engine for that change, but the US is not helping us because the petrol-dollar influences the decisions in Washington, DC. A lot of the issues, such as the Palestinian and Kurdish ones, could have been solved years ago without the interference of the Gulf States and Iran. But yet again, they still work with the failed regimes instead of working with the people to bridge the gap between them.”

“Qatar funds a lot of Islamists in Palestine,” Sherkoh Abbas stressed. “This leads to proxy wars and never peace. It is time to allow chaos so there will be order. There is no stability; only more radicalism and more terror. It is unbelievable that these horrific things are going on. The US needs to support the alternative groups. The very same people the US trains are no better than Assad. Syria should not remove one dictator for another. Syria as Kissinger stated is a failed state and it needs to be broken down, with independence or federalism. The Christians and Yazidis are fearful what will happen, but in the future, they can have autonomy in their own areas. Don’t prescribe to the Wahhabis for help. We need a lose federation and then to see the alternatives. This is how to stop the bloodshed: to break large chunks into small ones to have each managed by one group.”

“The US administration wants to bury their head in the sand and bring another dictator. Israel needs to get out of their hibernation,” Sherkoh Abbas stated in conclusion, while calling upon both countries to change their Syria policy. “We need to be a federation where the Sunnis, Druze, and Kurds have all their rights in Syria and become an oasis in the Middle East, but bringing another dictator will never work and this will bring more bloodshed; Iran is two steps ahead of the US in managing Syrian and ISIS affairs, as are a lot of terror groups.”

  • Oscar

    I just saw you deleted a comment in your facebook group, wow…And YOU’RE talking about democracy?

    You’ve lost all credibility among the Kurdish people, Sherkoh. If you ever had a dream of returning to Kurdistan as a hero, you’ve completely failed. You write:

    “Most of the Kurds are allied with the KRG, the west, and have the same values as Americans and western people, except for the PYD.”

    MOST KURDS are NOT allied with the KRG, that is a complete lie. Your imagination knows no limits..And PYD is much more secular than KRG!

    In this critical time for the Kurds, in the face of extermination of ISIS rats, you are talking about not supporting the Syrian Kurds, defended by YPG and PYD? Whose job are you doing? The Turkish state?

    And these organisations that you speak of, let me ask you something, Sherkoh. How many people does your organisation represent? 10 people? 20 people?

    I’d like to see numbers, Sherkoh. Let’s do a very simple test, right here, right now. PYD has 5000 likes, and Salih Muslim has 750 likes per post, and there’s 3 likes on this post….so who do you think has the Kurdish street? You or Salih Muslim?

    If millions people right now in Syrian Kurdistan supporting PYD/YPG, would rather vote for you after this critical period, you’re free to run in the free elections.

    What a waste of resources in the US, you could be doing so much more for the Kurdish cause…!

    • Kurds of Syria

      People like the above guy , Assad’s servent and anti Kurds, anti democracy and anti human rights this Marxists who promotes Assad’s boy .

      • Oscar

        Huh? No, I’m Kurdish. Salih Muslim just negotiated weapons for Kobanê. You’re out of your mind. Corrupt man..

    • KRG supporter.

      Assad has thousand of followers but he is killer and terrorist. Salih Muslim or PYD are tools of Assad.

  • Lasse Riise


    The only way to permanently secure the whole Kurdish districts of Kobane and Gire Sipi (including Sulouk and Kasra), and the Kurdish districts of Efrin and Ezas (including Axtare, Soran, Al-Rayi and Ghandoura) is for Kurdish armed forces to liberate all these Kurdish districts from Parezgeha Hesice, the main bastion of Rojava in the east. It is also vital for the Kurdish forces of Rojava also to fight their way into the southeastern Rojava regions of Sengal, Tell Tamer and Al-Houl. This is a noble struggle for survival that conserns all of the 45 million Kurdish women and men living in the region. The survival of Yazidis, Chaldo-Ashuriyun and Circassians also depends on a successful liberation of ALL of Rojava, all the way from Sengal and Al-Houl to the district of Efrin. This is the only chanse for humanism and civilized mulit-cultural values to get a foothold in the Middle-East.


Rachel Avraham
Rachel Avraham

Rachel Avraham is a senior media research analyst at the Center for Near East Policy Research and a correspondent for the Israel Resource News Agency. She is based in Israel and publishes in a variety of media outlets throughout the world. She is the author of "Women and Jihad: Debating Palestinian Female Suicide Bombings in the American, Israeli and Arab media." Avraham has an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from Ben-Gurion University and a BA in Government and Politics with minors in Jewish Studies and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Maryland at College Park.