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Somalia’s New Race Against Time

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Despite the roller coaster of political and security-related drama that dominated the headlines in this past year, I still remain optimistic about Somalia’s future — cautiously of course.

For Somalia, a New Year’s resolution is an existential affair of “change now or cease to exist.” That said, change requires certain level of self-awareness through which intention is cultivated. It also requires strategy and the will power to implement.

Somalia has a long “to do” list all of which are important, though some being more important than others. Over the years, I have written about the significance of organic reconciliation and how it is crucial for fixing our broken nation and healing our traumatized hearts. I still insist it is the only way to save our rapidly disintegrating nation.

There are many hurdles that make such reconciliation an arduous proposition and there is one particular that makes it impossible- Ethiopia’s stealthy ever-expanding influence on the ground both militarily and politically. Here I excluded Kenya because the deterioration of security in its mainland and Parliament and public pressure makes its emulative project unsustainable.

Imperial tenacity

On Jan 2014, over five years after the failure of its military occupation, Ethiopia has mobilized thousands of its troops into Somalia as a result of a dubious deal-making that I refer to as Injera diplomacy and its cronies within the Somali government. All paid for by the international community as part of the U.N.-mandated African Union forces AMISOM.

According to a statement by AMISOM mission, “The Ethiopian deployment will permit Burundian and Ugandan forces to move into parts of Lower and Middle Shabelle.” Inadvertently or otherwise, this has given a legal justification to open the gates for an Ethiopian Trojan Horse.

Today, Ethiopian troops are expanding into various strategic locations within Somalia. And they are handpicking their delivery men in each of these locations. This — as well as Kenya’s role in Jubbaland — remind me of a something that I heard in a debate that I once had with a senior Western diplomat over the perpetual problem that IGAD and its Western partners were creating in Somalia- solving one problem by creating ten others. “We are not like your neighbors; we are not interested in who would be the next mayor of town X or the next governor of region Z,” he said.

In his recent visit to participate in the controversial inauguration of yet another “president” of a highly contested federal-state (South West 3), President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of the federal government was welcomed to Baidoa by a military official with the Ethiopian contingent. This was done against the democratically asserted will of the local masses that already elected another president for the same territory that is claimed by the aforementioned federal-state. Confused? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

So, President Mohamud and his counterpart — President Sharif Hassan Aden — were led onto a platform managed by the said Ethiopian official to take a salute as the flags of Somalia, South West 3 and Ethiopian flags were towering behind them. One could not find a more profound metaphor for our national disgrace.

Perception management

Despite their dubious military intervention, Ethiopia has masterfully lulled Somali “leaders” into a false sense of security and tantalized them with mirage of power.

In addition to its under the radar military mobilization to expand its sphere of influence, Ethiopia has launched a successful campaign of co-option, indoctrination and silencing of key individuals and institutions. Many media professionals were lured by the offer of intensive certification program in journalism, first class hospitality, and generous stipends. Likewise, some officials in the security sector, parliament, civil societies and the political elite.

Ever since the reemergence of the Ethiopian occupation, all key officials in the armed forces, all governors, and ministers with overt sense of patriotism were systematically removed or permanently silenced. The former are often attributed to cockamamie political issues; and the latter to al Shabaab.

These individuals are, by and large, at liberty to scrutinize the government but not the specter of Ethiopian domination.

In today’s camouflaged occupation, Ethiopia has perhaps outdone its own expectation. It now controls all of the strategic seaports except Mogadishu and its troops are present in almost all of Somalia.

Proudly savoring the success of his country’s stealth takeover of Somalia, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said his troops already control “more than 60 percent of Somali territory.” He swiftly offered to replace the 850 Sierra Leone contingent that was based in one of the most important strategic seaports (Kismayo) which is part of Jubbaland federal-state that has a president of its own. This contingent has abruptly left only after 20 months, though AMISOM soldiers are paid as high as ten times the monies they make in their respective countries. As such, many African soldiers covet the opportunity. Some AMISOM soldiers were reported to intentionally play softball with al Shabaab in order to prolong their military tour in Somalia for the over generous salaries they receive.

But what makes the matter even more questionable is the fact that Ethiopia, as the “Guarantor” of the Jubbaland Compromise Agreement, which stipulates the integration of the militia group under the command of President Ahmed Islaan Madoobe and the Somali government forces, would not want to make good on an agreement that it engineered and brokered.

Could it be because of its clandestine security arrangement with Kenya whose forces, as mentioned before, are about to retreat? In his own way, Kenya’s Deputy President has confirmed that in a recent interview. Kenya’s interest to annex part of Jubbaland for a “buffer zone” in order to tip the scale on its illegal claim to Somali waters is widely covered.

Power of One

In Somalia, during the military government, there used to be an old man in Mogadishu that most locals knew as “Odagii waalnaa” (that crazy old man) and others “kacaan diid” (anti-revolution).

The old man had a habit of taking strolls throughout the center and the highly populated spots of the old city and periodically shouting at the top of his lungs “Allow naga soo gaar” which roughly translates as “Lord, come in haste to our rescue.” And this, needless to say, used to get the old man frequent mandatory disappearances from the public sight. Whenever he was released, he used to reassume his campaign from where he left of.

His bold expression of discontent with the government has inspired many in the eighties. Alas, those who adopted his peaceful method of exposing and resisting a dead-end system were ultimately overrun by gun-wielding clan gangs blinded by instant gratification who led the nation into violent chaos.

Today, there are many Somalis, both in the homeland and the diaspora, that carry peaceful public awareness campaigns, in their own way and at their personal risks. These are mostly the younger generation who are disillusioned by how the political elite have become facilitators of their own subjugation and that of the nation. The veteran cartoonist Amin Amir whose fan base is mostly the younger generation recently depicted the Somali politician as a pitifully subdued giant led in leash. It is making wide circulation in social media. Needless to say, there are many poets, singers and other artists like Amir.

In the Periphery

Landlocked Ethiopia has purchased nine vessels worth over $300 million from China. These commercial vessels are based in the overcrowded Djibouti port. During the joint ceremony held in Djibouti on May 2014, Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh, had this to say “Djibouti gives a port service to Ethiopia but it does not consider that it is giving the service to another country but regards it as it is doing it for itself… We believe that Ethiopia is Djibouti and Djibouti is Ethiopia, no difference at all.” If this was an emotive misspeak by seemingly a much more dignified and wiser leader is for history to judge.

Whether or not President Hassan Shiekh Mohamud and Ahmed Mohamoud Silaanyo had paid their homage and kissed the Ethiopian imperial ring in their recent meeting in Djibouti or not, history will tell. Meanwhile, we could resign to err on their side.

In conclusion, Somalis are now in a race against time. They face the dilemma of either hanging together or getting hanged separately. That is why Ethiopia’s role in AMISOM must be resisted in every peaceful aspect, and the Somali government as well as all cardboard presidents of different sizes must be pressured to change course.

As mentioned above, there are a number of individuals and groups who are already resisting and exposing. Once these elements come together, I not only think that change is imaginable, but is immanent.

In that context, I’ll venture say that 2015 could be the year in which various nascent movements could confluence into a robust unified one that puts the nation’s interest first, and, in the process, could set in motion profound political transformation.

  • Mohammed Artan

    Somber analysis with an oprimistic conclussion. I loved theis piece and Arman as Usul does not disappoint.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you Mohamed. Humbled.

  • Ismail Warsame

    In Mogadishu, and in many corners of the Somali Diaspora, it was easy and even fashionable pasttime to critize former President,Abdullahi Yusuf for having close Ethiopian connections. Now, all the blames go to Ethiopia instead, not to the Somali leaders, who took over after Mr. Yusuf. That is fair play alla Mogadishu.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thanks Ismail for the feedback. Are you sure you read the whole article? My position is this: If President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud continues on his submissively accommodating role, he will go down in history as a much worse leader than the former President Abdullahi Yusuf.

      • Ismail Warsame

        I raised a point on the issue in an historical context, not necessarily and speficifically commenting on your arguments in the article, Arman. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

        • Abukar Arman

          No problem. Thanks.

      • Hassan

        {If President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud continues on his submissively accommodating role, he will go down in history as a much worse leader than the former President Abdullahi Yusuf.} if we don;t do our part let us not blame our presidets

  • jabarti haykal

    i dont like somali people always put the blame on Ethiopia whatever happens in somalia you all sound delusional and crazy. the reason why somalia is what it is today is the hate and jealousy somalis have for each other Ethiopia did not invade somalia. stop calling it invasion it is not invasion. they are our neighbors and we call them to help us . if we dont like them we can ask them to leave simple is that. arman please dont spread fear and conspiracy because they way you write you sound like you happy somalia becomes divided and invaded. this way of talking is stupid. somalia is sovereign nation free from invasion and all these things you talking about. if we want change and peace in our country we first need to change our culture of blaming others and take personal responsibility. and change the culture of making everything about politics. how come you somalis dont learn anything from the western counties you live. their lives are not about politics their lives is about building and contributing something useful to humanity. and working hard to build their people. let me ask you a question MR. Abukar Arman what have you contributed to your country somalia? have you ever helped build school for children in somalia? have you ever help build a water well in somalia? have you ever contributed something useful to somalis other than writing low thinking political articles and spreading fear and conspiracy friend this is not how you build country from war this is contributing and creating a culture of low thinking focus on politics instead of work and bringing people together. so mr arman change your way of thinking when you write like this somali youth will be discouraged and they will grow up believing Ethiopia is better than them. i want somali kids to grow up confident and love their country i dont want them to hear all the time Ethiopia in invading them and taking their country. please change your thinking thank you bye

    • shuurie

      Mr jabarti stop blaming Mr Abukar blame yourself by denying the adverse effect of Ethiopian occupation of Somalia. “ALLHAYOW lakala miiraye menelik hairaacin” once wise man said after he listened to the emperors speech. wishful thinking by assuming you can reverse the occupation by telling this guys go home. my advice to you jabarti, if you are sleeping,please don’t fool us by even denying us to be vigilant at least for now.Ask your brethren in Ogaden if it was that simple.

      • Abukar Arman

        Thank you, Shuurie. You don’t have to follow the path paved by Mr Haykal. He is simply interested to provoke negative reactions that would take the debate south.

      • jabarti haykal

        adeer shuuriye so now you believe the Ethiopian army in somalia is an invading army huh you are very low thinker you also lost hope for your country we dont need people like you if you think by simply asking the Ethiopian army to leave somalia it wont make them leave then what are you doing to change that. it will for sure never help to complain about it and create a culture of fear among somalis and young people. areal somali man never admits in public how he failed his country by doing this kind talks you guys are giving the enemy confidence so they become bold please stop admitting these things in public do it for the sake of our young people. focus on real solutions and create a culture of confidence that will make us strong again not defeat and whining culture be real somali man and think of ethiopia as little poor country who is not threat to us

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the feedback. Building schools and wells fall under
      development. It is a very important sector and it is the fastest growing. As a result, it is too crowded. That is why some of us decided to serve their nation by climbing up the watchtower and keeping vigil.

      Back to the topic at hand, here is what the guru of human exploitation
      said about “good neighbors” with covert political objectives and their
      credulous desperate neighbors:

      “When one asks a powerful neighbour to come to aid and defend
      one with his forces…These forces may be good in themselves, but they are always dangerous for those who borrow them, for if they lose you are defeated, and if they conquer you remain their prisoner.”

      Do you think the Ethiopian troops would pack and leave once they see me/us building schools and well?

      • jabarti haykal

        mr. arman the somali government and the president of somalia dont call the Ethiopian army in somalia an invading army why call them that? dont you consider the somali government a legitimate government? if you believe the somali government is real and legitimate then go by what they say. dont create fear and conspiracy. i know you are political writer thats what we dont need right now in somalia. and that quote you used is stupid doesn’t apply to our situation. we need less of you guys writing fear conspiracy. just please write less political stuff and more about good things thats happening that will encourage young people to love their country kick out whoever try to invade us.and what i said is not only about development it is about culture of being optimistic and hopeful not conspiracy lover like your type guys

        • J Afyare

          Mr.Arman’s article only states the facts and gives precise nature of the dangerous dilemma as well as the bad blood between Somalia and Ethiopia. Somalia’s neighboring countries specially Ethiopia has one major agenda which is the destruction and division of Somalia. Yes Somalia will come out of the current predicament solely whith in itself. Ethiopia has no interest Somalia with strong army and economy.

          • jabarti haykal

            why complain about all the time mr afyare why dont you tell us the solution instead telling us fear do you think somalis scare of ethiopia why are you guys always so happy about ethiopia invading somalis and calling it a fact stop just stop this culture it is not a fact we dont care what their agenda is talk about somalia’s agenda and how we can dominate and take over ethiopia. be optimistic and hopeful. not this scare tactics will not help our cause it will only create fear and discouraged young population.

          • Abukar Arman

            Many thanks.

        • Abukar Arman

          There are enough people out there who think if we built enough buildings and handed out enough contracts to NGOs–especially the vociferous & the shady– all of our problems would be solved. Needless to say, I don’t subscribe to that; though you certainly are entitled to your own opinion.

        • Nimo

          Jabarti Haykal. Did you check ur ID . Kkk better to come out as an Ethiopian never pretend Somali for God sake man. sorry mate it’s not working for you. Just put your opinion as Ethiopian national defending its government policies man up and stop pretending what ur not.

          • jabarti haykal

            saxib how am i defending Ethiopia ma walantey ma amxarda ku qarowdaan ragena somaliyeed. war ma walateen waa ceeb markasta hada axaaro magaceda shegtan oo ku haysaan way nahesata. amxaradi ba iska dhadhicineysa in ay na heesato iska da waxa wadankeena waa xor. ha u dagalamin in ladhaho amxa5ranaheysa wa wax laga naxo runtii walahi aad ban kaga naxay ina manta nin somali ah ku dagalamao in layiraho amxara nahesata anigana ma ihi kuwa ha igu masleen]

          • Abukar Arman

            Mr Haykal waa sida aad ku sheegtay.

    • African

      You clueless bastards . Stop pretending to be one of the Somali men…

      • Abukar Arman

        I understand your frustration but let’s please maintain civility in our discourse.

  • Ahmed

    Indeed, Arman always talks about the big picture and he is not interested clan politics. Real leaders forcust for their nation; while others are busy selfish goals and clan politics as usual. As that old man said ” Allow naga soo gaar”

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you, Ahmed. Humbled.

  • jabarti haykal

    mr. Arman sorry my somali brother if i disrespected you. i know you love your country and you doing your part to serve your nation sorry again my brother.

    i only have one request from you my brother please write an article opposite of this article about somalia and in support of the the somali government’s position about the country’s situation. it will make huge difference. thanks you very much my brother

    • Abukar Arman

      Apology accepted. Humbled.
      Per your request, I don’t see any substantive initiative with long-term value that the government has undertaken. That does not mean they are hopeless. If they ever change positively, I will be the FIRST to support them. Thank you.

  • Abdulkadir Addow

    Thank you brother Abukar. Great article. I hope this gets translated into Somali so that many more people will get the message. Allow naga soo gaar ayeey maanta joogtaa.

    • Abukar Arman

      Many thanks brother. I agree on your suggestion.
      “Allow naga soo gaar ayeey maanta joogtaa.” Indeed.

  • Sayid Bashir

    I hate long analysis all based the wishful thinking of the Hassan Sheikh supporters, I trust the Ethiopian Government than the Hassan and Damjadiid, Arman you either say what a utter failure Hassan’s government is, or continue the blame game.

    No Somalian with clean heart would ever trust his life and wealth on Mogadishu, ‘Soomaaliyeey Toosoo’ would not bring back the people that were forced from their homes, no point asking.

    Arman on your next Essay put the blame where it should be, the people who destroyed a whole country are not mentioned.

    • Abukar Arman


  • Mohamed Ahmed

    Execellent analytical piece, as usual Arman clearly articulates on facts and has got keen eye on detail… Enjoyed reading

    • Abukar Arman

      Thanks for the kind words. Humbled.

      • Diago

        Question for you Mr Ahmed
        It sounds like you are trying to ” mobilize” your hawye clan. If you were elected president what would you do? Wage a war against Invader Ethiopians or build your impoverished country? One thing to unite your people is to agitate everyone against Ethiopia. It worked for Ziad Barre to stay in power for sometime. You will never succeed by preaching hate. By doing so your people will remain dirt poor forever.

    • Guest

      Thank you for the kind words.

  • Bandiirad

    Informative Article , Thanks Abukar Arman

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you.

  • Abdulmalik

    I could not agree more with your quote ambassador ;its either “we are hanged together or be hanged alone”. It is true that Somali psyche is evolving but lets pray that Allah accepts odeygii walna’s dua because frankly we have no other hope. The only assurance we have is ِAllah own words ( وإذ يمكر بك الذين كفروا ليثبتوك أو يقتلوك أو يخرجوك ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين)…. Thank you for the important read.

    • Ahmed Abdirashid Hajji

      abdimalik y give up easily?. we are hanged together so,lets stand up together to save our nation.

      • Abdulmalik

        Indeed my brother, i haven’t lost hope yet and inshallah never will when it regards our country.

        • Abukar Arman

          “i haven’t lost hope yet and inshallah never will when it regards our country.” Well said.

          • somalian from luuq

            I READ MOST of your comments and felt there are hopes and for sure many young people to day are acting or thinking better then older ones, but one think i want to remind you is,which is basic steps of new strategy, YOU need to know your enemies and what they are capable of ,so you can come with plan and strategy and tactics that can direct you to your goals, not a blind emotional fight with out knowing what you gaining and what you loosing.Somalia ha noolaato..

      • Abukar Arman

        “..lets stand up together to save our nation.” Well said.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thanks Abdulmalik.

  • Ahmed Abdirashid Hajji

    not surprise to many but like you never die attitude .well done brda. it'”s matter of time .Syria once rule Lebanon and now Lebanon rules Syria .

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you brother for the kind words.

  • Abukar Arman

    Instead of engaging objectively and presenting sound rebuttals
    to clarify, contest, or shoot down issues and concerns raised in my latest,
    some found it more convenient to resort into ad hominem in the hope of aborting a potentially productive debate. Of course others who may be equally
    belligerent may have simply missed the point by making too many assumptions.

    To those who publicly and privately assumed that my criticism of Ethiopia’s role in Somalia is based on “hatred toward Ethiopians,” this may clarify something for you:

    Both my brother and my uncle married wonderful Ethiopian women. And if that is not enough, I have a beautiful niece and several cousins who are half Ethiopians.

    Now, can we please focus on the issue at hand? Thanks in advance.

    • Ethiopian

      As an Ethiopian, I feel obliged to clarify some of the misconceptions you have regarding Ethiopia.

      Ethiopia never had the ambition of expanding into Somalia. The incursions into Somalia are for self-defense since Al-shabab and other extremists are sworn enemies of Ethiopia.

      Believe me, if Ethiopia want ports, and it want to get it by force, it can easily accomplish that by invading Assab in Eritrea than Somalia. After all, Assab has been part of Ethiopia for decades before Eritrea became independent.

      I love your concern for your country, but I am wary of your insecurity and I am afraid that these kinds of rumors will prolong the civil war in Somalia, and impede the progress of rebuilding Somalia.

      Currently, there is no international framework that will allow Ethiopia to “expand” into Somalia. Hope things gets better in Somalia, and look forward to have a friendly neighbor in Somalia.

      • Eritrean

        “Believe me, if Ethiopia want ports, and it want to get it by force, it can easily accomplish that by invading Assab in Eritrea than Somalia.”

        How can you “easily accomplish that”; when Eritreans defeated you through an actual looooooooooooooong physical fight…Three of your benevolent successive leaders from Haile Selase, Menge and Chenawi were all neutralised by Eritrean AK47 soldiers.

        You have no guts but of course you are great sycophants, you will surely do any dirty jobs to please your masters.

        • Somali

          lol. Best response starting the year. Thanks, Eritrean! These poor Ethiopianists don’t realise this is actually the end of Ethiopia. Wait and see.

          • Diago Savoi

            Somali haynas and Eritrean serpants start a joint bwhistli bustle against their master ethiopia ahahahaha

          • Abukar Arman

            Let’s keep it civil, please. Thanks

          • Bashir

            Ethiopians have been our slaves go and read the history ,only that Portuguese and soviets saved you .take care more .Eritreans defeated you in Badhame but you were saved by Jigjiga boys kkkkkk

          • Abukar Arman

            [Again2] Mindful of how Ethiopia/Eritrea situation is still an unhealed
            wound, could we please keep the discourse peaceful & productive.

          • Guest

            Woe on you and woe on Ethiopia. We are muslim first then Somali

        • Sulaiman Adem

          Eritrea’s fight for independence was not only against ethopia, it was also the against their master’s. Masters who always help them cuz on their own ethopia becomes cat . From vasco dagama to Russians n Cubans.

          • Diago

            Who’s master are you talking about? If you are Refering to those ASKARY Italian bitches of Eritrean men then you are right. They fought for independence and got what !
            Become organ donors(involuntary) in Sinai deserts and long haul swimmers of Mediterranean Sea
            Come on men be realistic now!

          • Abukar Arman

            Let’s keep the debate civil. Thanks

          • Guest

            Somalia is for Muslims. Habasha shoul get the helll out

        • Oromo

          Well, lets not call each other by name.

          Remember how you guys lost in 2000. By the end of the war, Ethiopia occupied 1/4 of Eritrea. If we wanted to take Assab by force, we could have done it then.

          You claim is Badme is yours, right? If you want to prove your bravery, then come and get. Don’t brag about the used AK 47 that was dumped on you by the Arabs.

          • Abukar Arman

            [Again] Mindful of how Ethiopia/Eritrea situation is still an unhealed wound, could we please keep the discourse peaceful & productive. Thanks.

        • Abukar Arman

          Mindful of how Ethiopia/Eritrea situation is still an unhealed wound, could we please keep the discourse peaceful & productive. Thanks.

      • Truth24

        Dear Abukar arman,

        I don’t blame you for writing this piece. Many other somalis have written the same before. They think ethiopians really want to annex somalia (also known as zoo-malia in ethiopia) . Zoomalia is an open zoo and there is no rule of law. Worse than ethnic conflict, your clan wars have been going on forever (you can learn about it in Afar oral history). But modern somali politicians ignore history.

        You somalia people made many mistakes. Your first mistake was invading orthodox christians in 1500s. Your second mistakes were allowing the ottomans and then egyptians use you for global politics like condom. Your third mistake was using american jets to bomb and invade ethiopia in 1970s.

        And now today, your current mistake is believing this fantasy that ethiopia wants to harm somalia. Why? We already have the ogaden desert as buffer zone, why would we want to annex somalia? We don’t need your barren dry land! The only reason we enter somalia first was because eritrean and egyptians were using your land front against us. The current reason why we are in somalia is because of aweys and then alshabab allegiance to alqaeda.

        Do you expect us to be bystanders while every nation and every enemy of ethiopia uses your lawless land like a condom?? Anyway Be smart and think before you write please.

        The best scenario for us ethiopians is a pro-peace somalia regime in mogadishu. We want somalia to be stable and strong as well as willing to co-exist peacefully with ethiopia. Thats all we want.

        But Every year or so, new amateur somali “journalist” comeout and write about somalia region politics without knowing anything. You are just another of these journalists. Good luck with your career whatever it may be

        • Guest

          Somalia invaded Orthodox Christian Ethiopia in the 1500s? Yes, Axumite Christians, though just one of the ethnic groups in Ethiopia, have once fallen victim of the great Ahmed Gragn. The rest of Ethiopia (i.e Oromo) was left intact and free from Gragn liberation army. Let’s call a spade a spade and truthfully say Northern Ethiopian communities do not represent Ethiopia in any way.

        • Abukar Arman

          Despite logical contradictions & vulgar communication, I should thank you for underscoring the importance of history. Peace.

          • Wax GaradKii

            Adeer Somali waa iska dugaag. Hadaa doonaysid inaad wax tartid; macalin u noqo oo gaarsii aqoontaa’da. Sirtooda sida loo qarsado ma garanayaan, oo waa wada buug furan, cadow sida loo gaado ma garnayaan oo 100 mile ka hor bay sii naadinayaan. Kuwooda caqliga leh’na ma maqlayaan, waa iska wada xoolo, xataa xoola’haa dhaama oo kala dambeen yaqaan. Tan kale waa runtaa intaa Itoobia waxay rabte dakad Somaliyeed oo ninkii ugu dambeeye maskaxdayda ku soo dhacaya, oo sidaa ku naadiye, wuxuu ahaa ras makunen oo harar maamuli jiray kun sideed boqoladii. Wuxuuna ku dhawaaqay inay ahayd ujeeda’da dalkiisa inay helan fursad ay ku qataan dakad Somaliyeed.

          • Abukar Arman

            Adeer, waan dareemi karaa in aad dadkaaga & dalkaaga u danqaneyso. Hase yeeshee Soomaali “dugaag” ma aha. Waa ummad uu jahligu ku badanyahay (xaga diinta iyo cilmiga nacfiga leh). Taasi waxa u dheer faqri baahsan, naceyb iyo colaad asalkeed & asaaskeed yihiin qabiileysiga.

          • Wax GaradKii

            Adeero, wiil dhalinyaro baan ahay oo hada engineering Canada oga soo baxay, maxaa igula talin laheed? Waxaan ka imi asal ahaan Qardho, lakiin waxaan ku koray Kismaayo.

            Waan ku barya ya yaa video soo bandhig oo arima’ha Somaliya ka hadlaya oo Youtube soo gali, marwalba na backup ka sameeso. Meeshaan oo kalay waa god mugdi ah; qof qof dhif ah oo la kulma mooye, Somalida intooda badan waligooda arki mayaan fikrada’haan fiican oo waxgarad nimada miiran ah.

            Inaad cadowgeena la doodid oo ay arimaheena nooga fikrad fiicnadaan na, faiido noogu ma jirto ee anaga noo soo bandhig siday wax u jiraan. Oo fadlan, noogu keen meelahaan joogno sida Youtube iyo Facebook.

            Intaa ka dib waxaan rabay inaan ku waydiiyo sidee baa u aragtaa xaqdaradaa Puntland loo gaysanayo iyo duulaanka 5-6 goor sanad gudahiisa loo gaystay. Qof wadani ah oo isla markaa diidan inuu dhib iyo halis nololeed u soo jiido meshu ka dhashay; maxaad kula talin laheed. Umada goblo’kaa dagan waxay arkaan dowlad dhexeed oo nolosha xataa u quuri la, is amnigii Somaliyeed wali ma soo noqon. Intii laga rabay inay ka shaqeyaan oo soo celiyaan way ku sii tumanayaan. Aniga waxaan farxi lahaa markii moryaanta la wada xiro xataa kuwa dhulkaa ka yimi sida Morgan oo shacab’ka Somaliyeed qalbigooda kala sumeeye.

            Hadii arinta sidaa ku sii socoto waxaan arka Somali oo is diidi doonta. waxaan u jeeda Puntland oo Somaliland labaad noqon doonta.

            Muqdisho waxaan u arkaa inaysan ahayn meel wax maamulikarta oo casimad inay Somaliya u noqon karin kuna mudneen sababtoo ah qof’ka Somaliga ah amni kuma dareemayo oo dhulkiisa iyo xolahiisa xalaasha ahaa baa xooga looga dhacaya. Meel xoog la isu sheegto na sidaan og’nahay hormar ma ka jiri karo ileen qof og in tacabkiisa laga dhacayo maxuu tacab’ba u samayn wuu iska fadhiisan. Casimada dalka waxay ila tahay waxa ficnaan lahay in loo wareejio meel loo wada siman yahay. Waxaan ku waydiinayaa marka meel sidaa cama Somalia ma ka jirtaa, oo isla markaa na dariska ka fog la’na difaaci karo? Waan ogahay inuusan sinaan dhub ah oo wada dhun aduunkaan meel’na inuusan ka jirin; lakiin meel Mogadishu, dhaanta oo aadan oga cabsanayn in xoolahaaga lagaa dhaco intii xoog laguu sheegto ma jirtaa?

        • guest

          You are thought a false history. Unfortunately Ethiopians are not thought the fact.

        • Kafi Liban

          Al-Shebab them selves are part of the mayhem created by your government to have false excuse to invade our country. You are coming here with the same tendency of your government . We don’t need you assistance at any cost. Why you would just come into a sovereign country by military?

        • Bashir

          Somalia has been dominating horn of Africa throughout and we will try if only Whites or Muzungu will come to protect you from the long teath of Somalia .Somalia wont live in peace with unbelievers …till all of you take Islam by force ..Think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by now you would all have been Muslim if Portugeese did not save you . did you see Ottoman in Mogadishu or Jigjiga .

      • Abukar Arman

        Thank you for the feedback. You wrote: “Ethiopia never had the ambition of expanding into Somalia. The incursions into Somalia are for self-defense since Al-shabab and other extremists are sworn enemies of Ethiopia.”

        I am afraid your claim is historically inaccurate. Just Google “Menelik claim of Somali territories” you would get 168,000 documents to choose from.

        • Meles Zenawi

          Why do some Somali speakers think they have a unique claim to be under one state? Do the Tigrigna, Kunama, Fulani Afar, Arabic or Swahili speakers have such a right? Or is there any other group in Africa that exercises this right? What is so unique about Menelik’s claims? Is the purpose of any empire not to expand? Whether it is Ottoman or Ahmed Gran?

          Now on contemporary issues:
          You have yet to operationalize Ethiopia’s alleged expansion into Somalia. Yes, there are peace-keepers fighting Al Shabab, but what evidence do you have for a plan to ‘occupy’ or ‘annex’ parts of Somalia? What exactly do you think Ethiopia is trying to achieve or has to gain (or as gained so far)?

          Your analysis is filled with general accusations but has nothing specific and tangible to say about interests and actions.

          Please consider the following:
          1. Somalia collapsed in 1991. And since 2006 has been filled with radical groups. As there is no state in Somalia able to control all territories and curb the actions of these groups, Ethiopia and Kenya have no other choice but to take matters into their own hands. They have genuine security concerns that any state would have.

          2. What exactly is it that Somalia has to offer Ethiopia that it has taken or intends to take? Port? That we get from Djibouti, Kenya, Somaliland and Sudan. In 2015, you can also not annex land without the international community getting on your neck, or? Diamonds or oil maybe?

          3. I think you are reflecting old nationalist sentiments rather than basing on current affairs and sober analysis

          • Abukar Arman

            Thank you for the feedback. I respect your right to rant and even use a dead criminal’s name to disguise yours.

            You wrote: “You have yet to operationalize Ethiopia’s alleged expansion into Somalia.”

            Sorry but there is nothing to “operationalize”. The same criminal Colonel who lead the 2 year Ethiopian occupation is reading diktats of division from Addis to all Somali “presidents” on a daily bases. What might be the politically correct name or description for that?

            Per the period between 1991-2006: Contrary to the overused pretext for Ethiopian invasion, that was the infamous WARLORD ERA. And there is not a single warlord that Meles Zenawi did not arm in order to keep the fire burning and the bloody fratricide fully operational.

            He later sent 80,000 of his troops and thousands of his tanks to go for the kill. The atrocities committed by those troops are thoroughly documented.

            Meanwhile, no peace treaty has been negotiated, no retribution against the perpetrators were carried nor any reparation for the innocent victims and their loved ones was provided. Same soldiers are now part of AMISOM….

          • Meles

            Thanks Abubakar, but you have yet to address the issues I raised. No one is denying Ethiopian presence in Somalia, but can characterize this as ‘expansion’ or ‘annexation’? Do you think any territory will become Ethiopian?

            And how do you think the Ethiopians ended up there? Or perhaps you think UICs war declaration and threat to ‘take Addis’ is legitimate and that Ethiopia should have waited until they got to Dire Dawa. What would you have done if you were Eth PM in the 1990s 2000s and Egypt and Eritrea are supporting their own warlords in your collapsed neighbor? As the gentleman you are you would have sat idly by.

            Ethiopia is having an influence on Somalia because the government hasn’t been able to get along with itself. Ethiopia did not cause division in Somalia. Ask Somaliland why it seceded, or Puntlands perspective on Mogadishu government?

            Three suggestions: ask yourself how you would have behaved if you were one of Somalia’s neighbors; 2, try to take responsibility for your own infighting; 3. and try to imagine what Ethiopia has gained and will gain from Somalia’s troubles? My answer is: insecurity and refugees

          • Abukar Arman

            You wrote <>

            Avoid overreaction….engage in good faith…..don’t arm militias…never intervene militarily….secure your own boarder.

            You wrote: <>

            Here is what I wrote in the past (Balkanization
            and Subjugation of Somalia) “….had it not been for Somalis transgressing against other Somalis, the state would neither have been in its current pitifully fragmented state, nor would it have become the poster child for the failed states.”

            You wrote <>

            You and I are in AGREEMENT on this.

          • Meles Zenawi

            Thanks for your response, Ambassador.

            It was pleasure discussing with you. We agree on many things

          • Wax GaradKii

            Somalia did not collapse as if it were a mere house of cards, it was made to collapse by Ethiopia. They have funded and supported apposing sides of tribal gangsters; this is the reality. The very arsonist responsible for setting this house a light has now been enlisted to keep it from catching fire once again. What will Ethiopia do put the fire out with its can of petrol? Come now either you take us for fools or you yourself do not realize the evils and the genocide your government has committed.

      • RoobleWadani

        Meles Zenawi did the U.S. goverment’s little dirty work. Ethiopia is in no position to “fix” or interfere with Somali politcs- or to stabalize our country. You invaded us in 2006, on behalf of the Bush administration. He provided the financial tools for your ethiopian government soldiers, to step your boots on our soil. After we had suffered sixteen years of civil war- with no national army to protect our borders. Ethiopia don’t have the capability to invade Mogadishu and control it lol. Do you know how much money that costs. The soldiers salary, fuel, clean water, proper sanitation, food storage, weaponry, medicine vechiles etc etc. The Americans and the E.U provided you with that. And they are paying for it today aswell(AMISOM). You have your own problems to fix. Your one of the world’s poorest countries. Most of your arable land is being bought up by multinational corportions and then sold for export only. The people don’t benefit from it(i.e. land grab). As a Somali, I don’t hate ethiopian people, I hate your criminal government and it’s institutions.

      • RoobleWadani

        Here you have a Wiki Leaks document, even the americans are admitting it was a mistake to twist the 50,000 ethiopians to invade Somalia, in 2006-09. Where more than 20,000 ethiopians died.

        • Abukar Arman


          1) Meles did not need to be convinced or coerced by the missile-wielding neocons. He was an enthusiastic partner in the invasion. A success in Somalia would have been his crown Jewel.

          2) The 20,000+ deaths were on Somalia side. As documented by Human Rights Watch and others, they had a widely condemned habit of indiscriminate shelling which almost flattened the entire capital.

          Like everything else in Somalia, these war crimes and crimes/crimes against humanity are now repackaged for impunity. Without any clear evidence of remorse or reform, the arsonist is now in a firefighter uniform.

          • Wax GaradKii

            Adeer umada wax bar oo video lecture youtube ku duub haba isku tagin dalka. Oo ila markaa’na backup ka samee kolay way ka saari doonaan haday uu arkaan inay faiido umadeena u tahay, si aad ugu celisid markay sidaa sameeyan.

      • Somalidon

        We are not like you , a multi-ethnic fragile country as Ethiopia , its true that we entered civil war but still have the identity of being united Somalis and our family bonds is strong to be one family nation for ever., but if you enter a civil war , in minutes we will see, a country of Afar and Orama as they were before you occupied them, western Somaliland united with Somalia, Gambella became independent nation and old Abyssinia, Amhara and Tigre in endless civil war but Somalis is not hypocrite as you, we solve your problem in humanity bases . But you invested the warlords and any evils to make Somalis in war, sent HIV affected voluntaries to make our conservative Muslim society to have that diseases, you destroyed our cities with years of bombardment to cleanse Somali humans as any human rights orgs confirms and we still have tolerance to allow your hungry baboons troops to our soil to get your poor unpaid forces to get salaries. Viva Somalis 4 ever

        • abdiqafar abdalla macqulsome

          true bro i gree wid u we will be on as nation incha allah

        • Wax GaradKii

          War daan daansiga joojia dugaago oo tartiib’tiina u dhista dalkiina. Cadow la iskuma qodqodo si uusan seenta kuu jarain adigoo wali istaagin.

    • ettm

      Tplf [Tigray people’s liberation front] runs Ethiopia for now. Tplf is a minority group that waged armed struggle and was installed by the US and Britain in the early 1990s to serve their regional interests. Tplf immediatley formed three other groups collectively naming itself Eprdf [Ethiopian peoples revolutionary democratic front]. Note “front” is from guerilla days! A cursory look at how the economy and politics are run in Ethiopia today is evidence guerilla days never left. Tplf knew it is illegitmate and could not sustain its hold unless it took advantage of US/UK fears. In 2006 Tplf was losing favor with Ethiopians following the 2005 landslide election loss. George Bush’s war was not going well in Iraq in 2006 [which is mid-term elections in the US]. Both Bush and Tplf boss Meles Zenawi [now dead and secretly buried in Adowa] realized they could help each other. Bush needed to report the war on terror was registering successes in other parts of the world. Crafty Meles first reported resolve to go anywhere the paymaster wanted. That is how Meles sent Tplf forces into Somalia and worsened a benign local problem. Of course, Meles was rewarded in several ways: he could remain in power indefinitely, get big bonuses, steal aid money, jail journalists, kill in broad daylight and walk free [for the time being], and jail any legitimate/legal opposition as terrorists, etc. This is briefly the background story to what Abubakar is lamenting. The rest is simply partisan political adornment. Sure Somalis should clean their house [if they can]. The problem is other vultures are in the sky for the kill. Tplf has turned into a neighborhood hustler – and the hustle is on booty to be made from regional instability. Remember you could gain from instability by creating one. Tplf now is in South Sudan [with its cadre Tsadkan [a former “general” situated in Juba as advisor and paid by the US]. In other words, this is the best of times for Tplf [neighboring Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, staddling Yemen].

      • Afeworki

        One word for you


        • ettm

          no wonder you are “AfeWORKi”, no work, only af and balagei af at that.

      • Abukar Arman

        Thank you for the feedback & context. I agree with most of your assessment.

    • Somalidon

      AS Somali I am convinced that Ethiopia is our neighbor, occupier of our Somaliland territory of 250,000km2 , committed/commiter of the death 40,000-70,000 Somali citizen half of them slaughtered in Somali cities streets as only being Somalis but backed by our American Friends, the campaigner of human rights value as they claim .

      2006-2009 invasion was the end of the credit used by both Ethiopia and pro-Ethiopian Somalis that used to convince us that Ethiopia of Today is not that of 7 centuries enemy to Somalis .

      Ethiopia have never ever stopped their ambitions to expand to Somalia but it was the Somali lions that made their ambitions impossible even though Abyssinia had colonial back up. However UK helped them in west Somaliland occupation in 1948 .

      Its irresponsibility of AU to send us our enemy, occupier of our land and invader of country, displacer of people and massacre commiter with another shirt to be peace maker after we were able to mover out of nation and defeated them with historic record during their occupation attempts in 2006-2009.

      AU can not make Somalia to accept Somalia peace spoiler to be our peace maker حان الوقت إخراج العزاة من الصومال الحبيب

      • Abukar Arman

        Thank you. Keep one thing in mind, AU could not have forced Ethiopian or Kenyan forces if certain characters in the Somali gov were not in cahoots with these front-line states….

        • Somalidoon

          Thank you very much Dear Ambassador I agree with you , if there have been a hand picked so called inexperienced Somali leaders that made possible for front line-states to access to Somalia there would be UA members applauding to happen that.

          Also we have to remember that all Somalis society parties rejected overwhelmingly what we call fro-t lines troops to deploy in Somalia by any circumstance and still are in refuse, ethically that rejection and human rights atrocities committed by both Ethiopian and Kenyan troops was to have made the AU safeguard the inspiration of Somali people and legally to compensate all Somali victims of that atrocities .

  • Guest

    Has Abukar Arman been to Somalia over the past 2 decades?

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank God he hasn’t :)

  • Adan

    “Ethiopia are saviors” a concept that doesn’t hold any water, to my
    surprise many folks still sings the same tone over and over. Somaali maxmed the
    reality is so heartbreaking and the fact is on the ground where no one can have
    a say where things are heading in Somalia. First project is done, next face
    will be as it tells the omens on the theater, by 2016 members of the parliament
    will be handpicked by head of federal
    states which them self has been handpicked by Ethiopia/Gabra namely Madoobe,
    Sakiin, Gaas, siraanyo and the emerging state on central Somalia which is on
    the hands of Ethiopia as well. Those members will elect president for Somalia which
    in practice a men hand picked by Ethiopia. Oh dear! How I wished not to witness
    such unfolding scenario but the time is inescapable and the history is busy recoding
    the pitfall of Somali republic.

    • jabarti haykal

      shut up idiot

    • jabarti haykal

      people who think like you dont deserve country. please dont ever go to somalia you’re really sick man you think you smart but your sick old dog die already please we dont want you kind in our country. we have hopeful young people who are confident and love their country. your kind need to die already

    • Abukar Arman

      Your projection for 2016 is not farfetched- a profoundly ominous outcome to say the least.

  • ahmed

    I Wish we had more of your kind

    • Abukar Arman

      Many thanks. Humbled.

  • DaudMacruf

    The Irony is who’s going to elucidate and carry peaceful public awareness campaigns.The vindictive old school warlords or gun-wielding clan gangs ? am wondering

    • Rooble Wadani

      THE YOUTH. We must organize immediately. We can’t sit around asking questions, no more. The MAJORITY of Somalia’s population, are young people(more than 70%). We have to take what’s rightfully ours. WE have to work, like the Somali Youth League(SYL) did previous in our history. We can’t accept any puppets ANYMORE. Even if it means death. None of the people in government are elected by the people. Of course they’re working for the enemy. They don’t worship ALLAH, they worship the dollar. Soon they will be punished.

      • Abukar Arman

        Indeed you “must organize immediately”. Just remember this:

        – Thoroughly assess the problem at hand & understand the multiplicity of its cause.
        – Negotiate a vision & strategy
        – Put things in their right order
        – Never claim exclusive right to leadership or power [it is a deal-breaker]
        – Never claim rights that you are not willing to give others
        – Build-trust by serving others & making sacrifices
        – Reconcile with others and work toward sustainable peace
        – Never forget this: Between the sowing the seeds and harvest
        there is a natural process that must take its course.

    • Abukar Arman

      Generation Hope.

  • Aydrouse Cayda

    Beautifully written Abukar Arman. I wish you disintegrate the Ethiopian empire into mini-States just like you have successfully done with the numerous autonomous Somali regions. For the sake of clarity, I would like to see you use “Northern Ethiopian regime” and cease from the use of Ethiopia as a single entity united by Ethiopian-hood (if that exists). What do the countless and disenfranchised Oromos, Afars, Gambellas, Somalis, and numerous others have to do with a project designed and implemented by Tigre and their next kin-Amhara- intellectuals that is aimed at destabilizing the already “failed state” of Somalia?

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you much for the kind words. Humbled

  • Jamila

    Well-written, researched, and comprehensive high level analysis. Somalia will always be at risk of foreign control, whether Ethiopian, European, American, or Chinese. It has a unique position geographically, politically, and ideologically of being susceptible to foreign intervention. What I hope is that young Somalis– those of us who are fortunate enough to live in democracies, obtain higher education, give back to our adopted countries; are able to find a solution in the next decade. The fact of the matter is a majority of Somalis are young, with ideologies that I have yet to see in modern Somali politics. We work in banks, tech, energy, community organizations, NGOs, engineering–there is no industry we have yet to permeate. We bring about many small-scale victories in development-money transfer operations, outsourcing tech jobs to our countrymen and women in Kenya, micro finance endeavors.

    The poison that is the continuous and disheartening political failure of Somalia serves only to discourage us; distance us from the country our parents and grandparents once spoke so proudly of. I cannot wait to see a Somalia where corrupt, outdated, and out of touch politicians are ousted–and young, experienced, innovative, and law abiding minds prevail. I hope that is what my generation can offer our country. Perhaps we need to develop a network of like-minded Somalis globally in order to lay the foundation for a clean slate. In the meantime, Mr. Arman, keep up the good work–staying above the fray, giving light to the big picture, and paying no mind to the petty arguments.


    • Ina Farah

      Thank you for a well articulated enlightening comment. :)

      • Abukar Arman

        Likewise; thank you for the kind words.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you much for the kind words and your eloquent expression of a mindset of our HOPE generation. Humbled.

      “I cannot wait to see a Somalia where corrupt, outdated, and out of touch politicians are ousted–and young, experienced, innovative, and law abiding minds prevail” I share the same enthusiasm.

  • Omar

    Great read. Very obvious political move by the Ethiopians. Hard to believe it took them over 20 years to realize that with it’s corruption, bad leadership, and poor political structure, Somalia could become a major territorial gain for them.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the kind words. There has been a number of attempts, but the runway has never been so clear for a safe landing.

  • foodcade

    This article was like reading a sadistic drama, unfolding horor story. Are we too pessimistic for the presence of Ethiopian in our country? Definitely, giving seaport to every federal State itself shows hidden agenda.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you. Because they (ALL) are not operating under thoroughly negotiated and clear domestic policies…these seaports are currently source problems.

  • Moulid Hujale

    Thank you so much dear Ambassador. Your well-balanced analysis on our country’s political developments always enlightens the young Somali youths as the generation of change. Pls keep doing the good work and let us reason together with ourselves, our neighbors and the world to give Somalia the the dignity it deserves. #Hope….Together we can make it InshaAllah.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the kid words. Humbled. The optimism that you referenced
      awaits for you, me and others to make it happen. I am sure you would
      agree when I say: we cannot remain spectators. We must become the
      engines of positive change. Especially your generation. “Together we can make it InshaAllah.”

  • Khadar

    Very interesting article. I think Ethiopia is trying to setup in Somalia something similar to what it did inside Ethiopia(create some regions that have some soft of self control while the central gov controls all the important pieces).
    Needless to say, that because of the mistrust by the somali people, it will be temporary fix. Most people forget their troops left when they couldn’t keep many parts of Somalia during their early invation and are now back because of the relative calm.
    The risk to them is much profound than their exploration in Somalia: Once the Somali people rise up, not only will they throw out the corrupt/pro-Ethiopia leaders, but the anger will spill over to Ethiopian. With respect to the international community, most people understand their tacit support for Ethiopia.
    The Somali people are nationalist and have resisted foreign occupation at times when they were much weaker and disorganized and against much powerful colonies.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you. It is in the best interest of both Somalia and Ethiopia (and the whole region for that matter) to avoid the worse case scenario.

  • Guest

    what can i say you hit the nail on the head don’t care the blame of blamers

    • Abukar Arman

      Many thanks. Humbled.

  • Omar Farouk

    Dear Arman,
    Your focuses are well taken. As I would like to think we
    should concentrate having close solid friendly nation that has no enthusiasm to
    conquer or take our unlimited asset. We need to concede our failure, we are in
    life-support and to recoup we require honest to goodness well-disposed nations come
    to our aid and fright the wolves away, help us to assemble our force and aid us
    to reconcile among Somalis. Our above all else obligation ought to be to spare
    the nation from the remote intruders. One of these nations who could help us is

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the feedback. Alas, across Somalia proper, we have “leaders” that are allergic to strategic-thinking and their counter-parts are well aware.

  • Abdifatah Ali

    Such a scholarly and well crafted article is what Somalia’s media must learn from’..We shall hang together, Ethiopia’s mission is to divert us from the political will of greater Somalia..I’m a patriot hard on the enemy soft for my Nation..We the learned generation must not relent on blowing the horn on the enemy..We shall show ourselves the enemy and spearhead national reconciliation

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank U for the kind words. Humbled. ” We the learned generation must not relent on blowing the horn on the enemy..” couldn’t agree more. Peace.

  • Asad Ali

    Great article. I just have one question, what is Somalia doing about the Ogaden region that belongs to Somalia. I feel like this may be the reason why Ethiopia doesn’t want a peaceful and economically powerful Somalia because it may ask the region back wether it’s through the UN or even militarily.

    Thoughs on this please.

    • RoobeWadani

      Of course, they fear a strong united Somalia. Ogaden and NFD(north eastern Kenya; which consists of both land and sea) will be joined with us in the future, i.e. Greater Somalia). But we have to build and restore Somalia first. This may tak 10, 25, or 50 years, it doesen’t matter. Somalis never give up and remember, Somalia had the strongest afrcan military before our collapse in 1991. Soon we will become that nation again.

    • Abukar Arman

      I subscribe to what I call enlightened patriotism. It is profoundly different concept than the emotionally if not clan-charged nationalism of the past. If you review the Somali history, you would realize each celebrated episode of nationalism was situational-driven; as such, was never sustainable.

      The ultimate objective of enlightened patriotism is to cultivate citizens eager to serve their country selflessly and are willing to make space for one another to coexist.

      [In 2010]

  • Dr.Filto

    Great article.let me say a few things: 1st Ethiopia has a dictatorial regime and going by recent events around the globe.its a time bomb.
    2nd Its now 4 decades since ’77 Hailemariam cannot visit Jigjiga let alone Filto. If he thinks manipulating warlords-turn-politician-with-power constitutes “controlling 60% Somalia” then he is in for a big surprise!
    3rd There is no safe route from a Seaport to Addis not even the Kenyan LAPSET corridor! Let me assume Addis actually controls all our seaport.Are they going to airlift the imports??

    Despite all our shortcomings,We are a very resilient and dynamic community we strike back in unison when pushed to the wall!
    Soomalia Hanoolato!

    • jabarti haykal

      Dr. Filto thanks for your comment. you are great somali.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the feedback.

  • Abdulkadir Soomajeste

    Ambasodor Abukar Arman Thanks for your article. I know that your critisms are constructive.

    According to the policy no one will keep your interest unless you keep it. I am not surprised Ethiopia’s deployment because we are a destroyed nation, full of resource, locates in strategic position but let me remind u that Somalia is coming back and is on the way of success insha Allah although the journey is too long. There will be a day insha Allah that those who serve for the interest of Ethiopia will be criminals and sentenced. Just be patient. We were in a day that war lords were those who decide everything and you are aware of what happened to them in 2012. Let’s take part rebuilding our country and standing keeping our interest. Let’s mobilize our society.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you fr the kind words. Humbled. ” Let’s take part rebuilding our country and standing keeping our interest. Let’s mobilize our society,” well said.

  • Hussein Mohamud

    Thanks so much Abukar arman this is really awesome article as along as we have strong capable smart intelligent smart and very patriotic good and able somali diplomats like you Araman no doubt somalia will come back and stand its feet one again those puppets will disappear soon and strong powerful just leadership will come inshallah

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the kind words. Humbled.

  • Rooble WADANI

    SOMALI YOUTH wake up. It’s ttime for a peaceful revolution. The older generation, have had 23 years to make our country better. They have failed us, they ALL have to go, the parlaiment, ministers etc etc. Bunch of prostitues is what they are, selling themselves and their land. Ethiopia is nothing, they are one of the POOREST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD. They are nothing against a united Somalia. Somalia only needs peace. Ethiopia has peace yet they are poor. All of these people will get punished in the future. We only need Allah. STOP QABYALAAD.

    • jabarti haykal

      brother thank you this is how every somali should think never lose hope never accept this author’s scare tactic he is responsible of creating culture of fear and hopelessness and he dont even realize it. please keep thinking that way

      • RoobleWadani

        I agree with you my honourable Somali brother. But he’s right with this articel though. But it shouldn’t make us feel hopeless.
        Verily after hardship comes ease (94:5)- that’s a promise from Allah. We only need to change ourselves i.e. stop the QABYAALAD. Somalia had the STRONGEST african army before 1991. We were the model country of Africa. We will get that back soon. We are the world’s fiercest and bravest people. We have shown that in history and modern history aswell. Soon we will show our real potential. The Youth just needs to wake up. We are the majority, more than 70% of the population. Somalia is one of the richest countries in the world. We are naturally business minded people. Second largest business community in DUBAI. You see what we have done in Kenya and other african countries. The richest woman in Uganda is Somali. Once the youth wakes up, like previous in our history(the Somali Youth Leaugue). We will be the number one country in Africa. We will bounce back like Germany bounced back after WW2. Somalia has made tremdous progress in 2014 and in sha Allah only more progress will come.

        • Abukar Arman

          “stop the QABYAALAD (clanism)” Well said. I also agree that “Somalia has made tremdous progress in 2014 and in sha Allah only more progress will come.”

          • Wax GaradKii

            How will clanism end by blinding ourselves from it; when has anything been solved by turning away from it. Will that not only open the door so that naves may make traps for fools. We must face tribalism head on. Form reconciliation committees that can look into all mater of injustices that were committed before during and after the the civil war and revolutionary government. Racism was not solved by turning a blind eye. We Somali people have a way of treating both the victim and perpetrator as if they are both equally guilty; they are not. We need fair judges to get to the bottom of this mess. So that trust may return.

          • Abukar Arman

            Thank you for the feedback. You are right: “We need (robust judicial system, constitutional court and) fair judges to get to the bottom of this mess. So that trust may return.”

          • Wax GaradKii

            Indeed we need to bring the most heinous criminals to justice; but how can we do this when they permeate all parts of our government. How can a young Somali, feel Somali when the house father was killed in, mother was assaulted, that house which is his rightful inheritance. He cannot not even claim today, even though it is in his so called capital city? This capital city which recently had its elders come out and call all other Somali people not originally native to it as guests. The men who committed such crimes against him and many millions of Somali people are free some of them serve on state as well as national legislatures? How can you be asked to pay taxes to a state which even today attacks some of it’s organ regions, using your very taxes to threaten you life and the life of your children; when there is famine. No less attacks them on a day of fasting (cashura) as if to spit on all that is holly. The honer of your women.

            Somali xaqdaro baa daciif ka dhigtay, ilaa xaqa laga dhowrayo oo, xarkaa Somalida qalibgooda kala sumeeye siday istahilaan loogula dhaqamayo meshay rabaan ha u dhashaan ee. Ilaa loo arkayo cadow’ga dhab’ta ay yahiin, Somaliya daciif bay ahaan.

            Taa’na waxaa ka sii dara haatan (ilaa 2010) waa wakhti u bahan isbadal dagdag ah, hadii kalay Somaliya dambe jiri mayso. Sababtoo ah waxaa la soo galay waa cusub oo ah waaga kumbuterka kaligii fakiraya waxay la midtahay alifaada la alifay buntukha camal, waliba isbadal taa ka wayn baa la filayaa. Haday’san Somali hurdada ka kicin sidii xoolo camal baa loo dhaqan doonaa.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for feedback. I agree it’s time that “SOMALI YOUTH wake up” but not in an emotionally driven way. Indeed my generation & older have betrayed Somalia. However, the youthful leaders who would step forward to replace must be strategic thinkers who have learned from the mess created in the ME by other youth who acted before thinking.

      • RoobleWadani

        Yes you are absolutely right. They have to be competent and credible, free from the satanic mindset which is qabyaalad. Their main interest have to be for the Somali people. Just like SYL had. Most of them were in their late 20’s- early 30’s. Back then, nobody asked the older reer baadiye illiterate people for politcal advice. Most of them can’t even read! Lol what do they know about the world and world politics? That’s why Somalia went into the situation it did. Because incompetent elders elected the people in power. They(the elders) haven’t even been outside their own little tuulo, let alone their country- they could easily be bribed(as the case often is). The young people can’t sit around anymore though, we have to take what’s rightfully ours. PEACEFULLY of course. We are the ones dying in tahriib, not the olders ones. We are the soldiers dying in battle- based on their qabyaalad etc etc. But we should work with the older generation simply because they are our people. But majority of the older men have failed the Somali WOMEN and the YOUTH. This has to change. Because the youth are the future. If we don’t rehabilitate and educate todays youth. The future will be uncertain. But I pray that Allah will give us Somalis protection and peace. From Somalia, to Ogaden to Djibouti to NFD. We are all one. Peace and love.

        • Abukar Arman

          “If we don’t rehabilitate and educate todays youth. The future will be uncertain. But I pray that Allah will give us Somalis protection and peace.” Ameen!

  • Dawud

    Mr. Abukar, you indeed have articulated some of the realities regarding our state of affairs. Despite the situation, I just can’t understand how our leadership (and we have so many presidents and Ministers these days) is not able to learn from the past and see the light. Your conclusion is very optimistic, and I am praying and hoping it turns out to be true. Thanks again for this excellent piece!

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the kind words. Humbled. My conclusion could only come to pass when people like yourself get involved. Peace.

    • Guest

      Thank you for the kid words. Humbled. The optimism that you referenced awaits for you, me and others to make it happen. I am sure you would agree when I say: we cannot remain spectators. We must become the engines of positive change. Especially your generation.

  • Abdisatar Ishmail

    The fact that the habasha feel confortable enough to say they control 60% of somali territory should worry every somali. I for one have no hope that the current govt will have any power to resist the habasha for the foreseable future and thus its up somali society to reject this unparralel invasion. As an America poet called Robert Frost once said good fences make good neighbours and the habasha should be on their side of the border fence.

  • The Real Somali

    Spot on, Somalia has been petrayed by its mish-mash leaders but sooner rather than later things will change and let me tell Ethiopia that it is the best interest of both sides to leave Somalia alone or u r playing with fire as Ethiopia has potentially more natural differences than homigenious Somalis. Forza Somalia.

    • Abukar Arman

      “sooner rather than later things will change” with peaceful activism that transcends clan, regional and personal interests, this is possible. Thanks.

  • abaadir baasubageye

    Stop crying like baby, who has given the opportunity for Ethiopian troops to come to your country? It’s you who let the Ethiopian troops to conquer your country.
    Don’t blame any body, blame yourself wether you hang on individually or in groups ,who cares.

    • Abukar Arman


  • Zahra J. Sah

    A great article based on both observations and future predictions . Furthermore, it is important our neighbors to know how are feeling about their policy towards our country.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the kind words. “it is important our neighbors to know how are feeling about their policy towards our country,” well said.

  • Mahdi Abdulkarim

    Excellent work yet again Amb Abukar Arman, just shared it on our Somali Studies page; these concerns have indeed been recently a bit overshadowed but we shall not lose our focus on such centuries old existential threat that is Abyssinian imperialism!

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the kind words. Humbled

  • Mohamed

    Thank you AMB: Abukar; Somalia belongs to the Somalis in the same sense that Ethiopia belongs to the Ethiopians or Kenya to the Kenyans.

    No matter how weak we are today; we will be Strong enough. ” It’s All About a matter of leadership”

    ‘’ALLOW HOGAAN DAACAD AH With Somalinimo’’.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the feedback.

      “No matter how weak we are today; we will be Strong enough. ” It’s All About a matter of leadership ALLOW HOGAAN DAACAD AH With Somalinimo’’ Ameen!

  • Abshir

    Insightful piece. Dear Ambassador, the tragedy is that most of our leaders, if not all, have limited knowledge of international relations. Somalia had once produced an army of diplomats, who were envy to many countries in the continent. Now that the nations has sunken into its ruins, I can only hope people like you could one day have a chance to share your expertise that are badly needed. Foreign service has been reduced to corrupted consular offices, and the petty ministry in Mogadishu is buried under UN and NGOs.

    • Abukar Arman

      Many thanks for the kind words. Humbled. I painfully concur.

  • Liibaan

    Ethiopia has been overrated by many specially Somalis. The Ethiopian rulers do not have what it takes to occupy Somalia let alone annexing it. They do not have any long term vision for Ethiopia or Somalia. They are just a warlord with more resource than the Somali warlords.

    • Abukar Arman

      So long as our cardboard “Presidents” continue on their current trajectory, both Ethiopia & Kenya would get more than they want. And, in the long term, this would be the impetus for perpetual wars in The Horn.

  • Amhara

    The ambassador is right in expressing his worries and to ask
    you to be vigilant of current events in Somalia. However, as an Ethiopian, I need to make a few points here.

    1 – A few years back, an elderly Somali lady stopped me in a busy road in Europe and asked me something in her language. I knew that she had mistaken me for a Somali, as it had happened many times before. As I began in English to politely tell her that I couldn’t speak her language, she screamed at me, in her broken English, that I should be proud of my country and learn to
    speak my language, still convinced that I was a Somali. I, myself, have mistaken many Somalis for Ethiopians. Could you mistake a Burundian for a
    Somali? Or a Nigerian for an Ethiopian?

    Despite our bitter history, outside of our respective countries, Ethiopians and Somalis have always gravitated towards each other,especially whilst in other African countries. We have supported each other in time of crises and attacks by others who, in any case, see us as one and the same. Many Somali and Ethiopian youths who passed through Sudanese or Kenyan refugee camps could testify this.

    Were we brothers once upon a time? Say twenty, thirty thousand years ago? We don’t know. What we know is that we are neighbours, no one is going anywhere, and we are all here to stay. With this simple fact, we might as well start a new beginning for both peoples. This should be the preoccupation of the Ethiopian and Somali youths, untainted by our old histories.

    2 – I, and most Ethiopians, believe that Meles’ 2006 Christmas day venture in to Somalia was not only a mistake but also a taint on our long and proud history. We never invade another country, as I said above. Not Somalia and not Asab port in Eritrea. Not even tempted to invade the tiny Djibouti; instead, we happily pay six hundred million dollars a year to use their port.

    3 – As someone in this discussion already said, Ethiopia has its own multiple problems. It is a complicated country of 90 million people from over 80 ethnic groups. Although long, unbroken, and independent with its own ancient civilisation, Ethiopia’s internal history is stained with blood, injustice and discrimination of one form or another. In three thousand years of unbroken history, we were never fortunate to have had benevolent enough rulers
    to see beyond the survival of their power. Founded on shaky foundations, we
    still remain imperfect.

    However, all of these ills cease to exist whenever we are attacked by outsiders. From the ancient Egyptians who wanted to control the source of the Nile, to the Ottomans who wanted to destroy Christian Ethiopia, from the Sudanese to the Italian, we always stood our grounds and defended our hills and mountains. In all of our history, no foreigner had ever conquered Ethiopia
    and lived to tell the story. This is unparalleled history in the whole of Africa.

    On the other hand, throughout world history, we were renowned for our generosity, honesty and fairness to those who come our way in peace. We welcomed Christianity way before any other country in the world. After hearing the story of the first migrant, sent by the Prophet himself, the king cried tears of compassion and gave them shelter to the first Muslims in Ethiopia. Why did the Prophet choose Christian Ethiopia as safe destination for his early followers?
    Even at the height of its power, the fourth largest civilisation ever, with over four hundred ships and naval power, Ethiopia had never invaded any other country. We may be poor now but our ancestors chose to stand tall in the eyes of God.

    Therefore, Ethiopia cannot and will not take over Somalia, annex its land or control its ports. Let stability, peace and democracy take root in both countries so that we can start developing our economies to takeour peoples out of grinding poverty.

    • Asad Ali

      I (somalian) really hope that both out nations can live peacefully side by side. But recent events and I mean when the British gave you the ogaden region that belonged to Somalia made it difficult to have a normal relationship between the two nations. As an Ethiopian I would like your thoughts on that. Should Ethiopia give that land back.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you much for the feedback. You are right, once upon a time, Ethiopia was ruled by a good monarch who gave refuge to persecuted people who sought refuge with no strings attached. It included a group of early Muslims lead by the cousin of Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet had a spiritual connection with him. So pleased was the Prophet with that King that he prayed salatul janazah (Islamic funeral prayer) in absentia after he heard about the death of the King years later. That is why we don’t have a people to people problem.

      Today, my brother in humanity, Ethiopia is an oppressive regime with a long human rights violation record. Though it claims being a democratic republic, it is neither a republic where the leadership draw their authority from the people nor it a government that employs any democratic process.

      That said, I agree “Let stability, peace and democracy take root in both countries so that we can start developing our economies to take our peoples out of grinding poverty.”

    • Somalian=Ethiopian

      Brother Amhara it was touching to read how Somalians & Ethiopians are blood brothers. What u are saying is true but a lot of my Somalian brothers don’t know that. Their assumption for Ethiopia is wrong and has always being wrong. I myself traveled to Ethiopia & was amazed how identical we are with Ethiopians. It was surprising to me and I kept saying that Ethiopians are our blood brothers. We should not fight and help each other work for our people’s future. Its true that Ethiopian government is influential with Somalian politics and have involved mistakes that caused mistrust between both countries. I believe, its time for new generation to change the course & lead how both countries can work together and become brothers again. Don’t we see how we have the same DNA? Don’t we see that we are neighbors & came from the same ancestry? Why can’t we help each other as Europeans and Arabs helping each other? or as Kenyans & Ugandans help each other? These groups also have the same blood and they don’t fight but help each other. Why do we think backwards? I Need my Somalian brothers to know the facts that Ethiopians are our brothers. We Somalian & Ethiopian people can become Africa’s greatest future if we work together & stop the hatred. We will never succeed if we follow the old ways and we always be the poorest & weakest in Africa. Ethiopians & Somalians = blood brothers. Peace to Somalian & Ethiopian brothers!! love!



    • Abukar Arman

      Unfortunately, in its current state, it is “THE MOST FAILED (in the world)”. Just remember that failure is not a permanent state. Where there is a will, it could be a motivating factor…

  • guang

    As of annexation, i can’t say surely Ethiopia doesn’t want to annex Somalia, but i can confirm that it won’t be done against free will of Somalian. To prove this assertion you can refer to the Ethiopian Constitution(Art 39). It provides for the right to self determination up to secession which solely to be determined by the concerned nations, nationality and people and this has been the essence of Ethiopia’s unity and its people. Because we have experienced its misery for a decade. How dare you expect this country to annex alien without their consent?

  • Amhara


    The Sudanese had lost a big chunk of their land to Egypt. There is a sizable Oromo population living in the northern part of Kenya, their land taken by the British and given to Kenya. The same is true in most other former British or French colonies throughout Africa. Or even beyond. Look at the tragedy in Palestine today for example. In fact, the vast majority of countries of the
    world were constructed on unjust foundations. Human conflicts were resolved by wars. Vanquishers always drew their new maps. Victors wrote histories. So, today, where would you begin to right the wrongs?

    I for one believe that people should belong to where they feel most comfortable. You can’t force people to be happy. We should learn this from the long war with Eritrea. For whatever reasons, they didn’t want to remain part of Ethiopia. Eritrea’s independence was heart-wrenching moment for most of us Ethiopians. But look where we are now. A quarter of a century later, Ethiopia, still imperfect and fragile, is relatively peaceful and marching forward toward better days. If it were not for lack of democracy and gross human right abuses by its current government, Ethiopia’s recent progress in other areas (economy, military and diplomacy) would have been nothing short of a miracle.

    However, most Ethiopians genuinely believe that Ogaden is part of Ethiopia, and they wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives to keep it so. All Somalis I have met believe that Ogaden belongs to Somalia and they will never stop fighting to get it back. So what do we do?

    United Nations recognises all the colonial boundaries as legally binding post-colonial nations’ boundaries, so this road is dead-end for Somalia. With Ethiopia’s battle-hardened armed forces, the second largest in Africa after Egypt, Somalia (even united) will never be able to capture and hold onto Ogaden in the near future. However, Ogaden may choose to exercises its constitutional rights and go for referendum with a view to secure independence from Ethiopia and then join Somalia. This is easier said than done. Somalia’s small chance of taking Ogaden remains with Ethiopia’s internal political turmoil eventually weakening the country to a point of collapse. Currently, there is no democracy in Ethiopia but the federal system (established to resolve Ethiopia’s ethnic problems) is working to some extent. The government remains alien to most people, though. Many political and social ills still simmer under the surface. If its leaders are not careful, Ethiopia could be tomorrow’s Syria. But Somalia should not hinge its hopes on Ethiopia’s collapse or work with others to weaken it.

    Or, who knows, perhaps one day in the future, (societies so enlightened) that there will be no need for borders and boundaries, and we all walk free wherever we wish to with the knowledge that God gave this earth for all to share it equitably, to look after it, and pass it to the next generation. There is not much else to life. But we all are still cavemen in transition; unable to see the dangers of flags, boundaries and nationalism. We are not yet a refined species. Still partially wild animals, we all are.

  • Ahmed yusuf

    In a short Ethiopia has won the the hegemony of EAGAT & is 2nd. 2 none of the regional power; & it sees itself that way.
    To control not only Somalia but the whole region by paroxy is a legitimate political goal, according to Ethiopians. F. Policy!
    Said by @ alifwaxmale

    • Abukar Arman

      Reality on the ground supports your claim. Precisely why Somalia should voluntarily suspend its membership of IGAD.

  • HoA Tranquility Project

    Spread the Word for Peace, Reconciliation and Equitable Growth. May the Horn of Africa Prosper in Good. Amen

    Watch, Learn and Teach

    • Abukar Arman

      Amen! Very inspiring. Many thanks for sharing.

  • Abdi A. Hussein

    Abdi Hussein (Barlamaan)
    Dear Brother Abukar,
    I totally agree your analysis and would lie to add that much of the blame squarely is upon us ,Somalis. Ethiopia is simply fulfilling it’s national duty which is to make sure that Somalia never comes back as a strong united country. I am sure that is what Somalia would have done if Ethiopia would have descended into anarchy instead. The reality is that Ethiopia can try to take advantage the situation for a while BUT will never be able to permanently occupy Somalia as it can not maintain financially the occupation. I believe that Somalia will never become strong and united as long as our people are entertaining the “CLAN BASED FEDERALISM”; and the current politicians are either incompetent or powerless to even openly debate about HOW FEDERALISM IN SOMALIA IS PRACTICAL WITHOUT CREATING CLAN ENCLAVES WHICH WILL LEGITIMIZE MORE INTER-CLAN CONFLICT. Hopefully your work may awaken the awareness of the true Somali politicians who put will forward a national agenda rather than clan agenda.

    • Abukar Arman

      Dear brother Barlamaan,

      “…Somalia will never become strong and united as long as
      our people are entertaining the “CLAN BASED FEDERALISM”; and the
      current politicians are either incompetent or powerless to even openly

  • Andy Amid

    With most of my attention on the Middle East turmoil I have not kept up with matters around Somalia, so this was an interesting and superbly written read. I did, however, have the occasion some years ago to work with the Somalia community here in America. In the 90’s large numbers, mostly refugees began migrating from other U.S. states, many from Minnesota, to Columbus, Ohio because of an good cost of living, job opportunities and affordable housing. I became familiar with them through the Muslim community and began helping them in their settlement. I found them to be a joy to work with. They had a very strong work ethic – so much so that many were being hired by TSA for security inspections at the airport. Because they were from a different culture there were incidences of conflict with the indigenous African American culture which raised some interesting social issues. One feature I found disheartening was, as you and others are aware, they were very tribal. I enjoyed them so very much I would look past those barriers. Shortly after I moved to Nevada the Columbus community established a charter school predominately for Somalia children. I have many good memories of them. A beautiful and proud people. I pray they will recover from their turmoil… as America finally did following their civil war.
    Ahamed (Andy) Amid

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you Andy for the kind words. None of the community accomplishments that you mentioned would’ve been possible had it not been for the path that you and others paved; especially in the civil and human rights front.

  • Somalidon

    AS Somali I am convinced that Ethiopia is our neighbor, occupier of our Somaliland territory of 250,000km2 , committed/commiter of the death 40,000-70,000 Somali citizen half of them slaughtered in Somali cities streets as only being Somalis but backed by our American Friends, the campaigner of human rights value as they claim .

    2006-2009 invasion was the end of the credit used by both Ethiopia and pro-Ethiopian Somalis that used to convince us that Ethiopia of Today is not that of 7 centuries enemy to Somalis .

    Ethiopia have never ever stopped their ambitions to expand to Somalia but it was the Somali lions that made their ambitions impossible even though Abyssinia had colonial back up. However UK helped them in west Somaliland occupation in 1948 .

    Its irresponsibility of AU to send us our enemy, occupier of our land and invader of country, displacer of people and massacre commiter with another shirt to be peace maker after we were able to mover out of nation and defeated them with historic record during their occupation attempts in 2006-2009.

    AU can not make Somalia to accept Somalia peace spoiler to be our peace maker حان الوقت إخراج العزاة من الصومال الحبيب

  • Abdullahi Ali Hassan

    East Africa is still considered to be the most less developed part of Africa. The reason being a bad leadership with its negative various forms: Dictatorship, corruption, tribalism and nepotism. A good example of dictatorship is that Yoweri Kaguta Museveni after being in power more than three decades the word succession still is not in his mind. President Gueleh of Djibouti is in the office since 1999 and probably no one can discuss with him when he will retire. In Ethiopia it is said the political leadership is only for a particular unquestionable group of people and the rest of the citizens should ever keep silent of what ever that goes wrong. Kenya which was considered to be an emerging mult-cultural democratic society is now starting to be a police state after passing the so called anti-terrorism bill in which the suspected citizens can be detained in months without trail.The case of tribalism, my own country Somalia can be the best example because if a person is not from one of the bigger clans, no matter how such person might be educated, intelligent or trustworthy, the uneducated corrupt counterpart from the bigger clan is preferred. Lastly corruption does not need some particular examples. in East Africa there is a generalized understanding that all public sectors in the East African countries are all publicly corrupt. The problem of East Africa is bad leadership which leads dictatorships, corruption, tribalism and all other social ills.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for adding a valuable context to the discussion.

  • Cabdiraxman Xariri

    It’s interesting and beautiful article despite that most of it’s contents lack reference and reliable quotations

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the kind words. BTW all references are hyperlinked above.

  • Abukar Arman

    Communiqué: 53rd Extra-Ordinary Session of IGAD Council of Ministers in Mogadishu

    Aside from being one of the seemingly infinite powwows that keep
    the Somali government in a short leash, the communique has a couple of provisions that are clearly intended to torpedo any hope for a genuine organic reconciliation.

    As usual, the 53 Summit was intended to give Ethiopia a legal ground to micromanage the Somali affairs- something that would continue so long as Somalia remains a member of IGAD and her sons ( as is the case) continue
    to betray her. “Federalism” (clan-based balkanization) and “inclusiveness” (ascertaining that Ethiopia’s handpicked ministers are in) were again given IGAD’s seal of approval.

    Any objective-minded person who could ignore Provision #1 which was intended for ego-messaging and to blow a hot air of false national esteem could clearly see how a number of the following provisions contradict
    the first one.

    Here are the Torpedo Provisions:

    18. Recognised the critical role that the IGAD Office of the Facilitator for Somali Peace and National Reconciliation continues to play in supporting the implementation of the Federal Government’s Vision 2016.

    19. Welcomed the IGAD Office of the Facilitator for Somali Peace and National Reconciliation Strategic Action Plan 2015 – 2016.

    Under these two provisions, the Somali government has agreed
    to forfeit its right to appoint an independent commission for reconciliation
    and commissioned IGAD (Ethiopia) to be the official “grantor” (ala Jubbaland)
    of the so-called Vision 2016.

  • Omar

    Bro. Abukar, You have been writing the Somali issues over decade, and I am
    happy to say that I am an admirer of your work, Please continue the good Work.
    I agree with you that we are at cross roads, and I pray that we get the
    wisdom to seize the moment.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the kind words brother Omar. Ameen.

  • Warsame

    Excellency Arman
    Somalia is like a carcass which attracted birds of vultures, hawks, eagles or even crows. The carcass was result of self-inflicted wound, Let’s blame ourselves

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you Warsame for the feedback. I don’t mind blaming ourselves- I have done that in writing and in presentations. However, as I said on a number of occasions, it would be naive or disingenuous to exclusively focus on the domestic and keep the foreign elements out of the equation.



  • Joobe

    Thanks Amb. Arman, you deserve your weight in gold and plus, the narrative piece of history you shared with us is an alarming call, unfortunately our very manipulators ” front line countries” are telling us that they are saving us from doom. history repeats it self we can’t live in humiliation of being under remote control of another nations, viva Somalia lets us save country in Solidarity and walk in peace to freedom finish line.

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you, Joobe, for the kind words.

      • qooradaag

        why u dot work to unite somali and somaliand insted of talking about ethiopia first fix you house and talk about ethiopia

  • Sami Elmi

    you speak as if ethiopia is china or usa, it’s one of the poorest countries in the world, it doesn’t have any type of power, the only reason it has influence in somalia is because somalis have allowed it to have influence in somalia. the real problem is spineless somali politicians that are willing to sell out for a few penny’s

    • That guy

      compare to you Ethiopia might as well be usa…lol

  • Jasim

    As a proud young Somali i was born in 1989 and never set foot in my own land . I am deeply embarassed by the politcal incompentency by our leadership . I respect Ethiopian Culture and History . But i dont blame them for taking advantage of this situation . That is just realpolitik .Just look at the congo war and imagine how many neighbouring countries were involved in that war !

    The Real terrorists are the Mogadishu mafia who is keeping our country hostage for their own narrow selfish motives and even inviting Ethiopians to our beloved soil ! I hail from the North of Somalia and i am not a big fan of Federalism . For me this is only a fancy word for even more tribalism . The real fault is with ourself , Great civilizations had revolutions , It was the Prophet Muhammed who united arab tribes and created a Islamic empire . It was the Europeans who started enlightment , the seperation of state and church , industrial revoltion . Where is our revolution ? We are not even a industrialized . How can you blame Ethiopians when the real fault lies with ourself ? We need to teach the whole nation of Somalia that we all share the same language , we had great empires , we fought European colonisation from the Portugese to the Italians and we need to revolt against are own backwardnesss ! Excuse my spelling mistakes , english is not my native language

  • Shirwac

    Isn’t this Arman the same guy that was appointed by C/lahi Yosuf who was lobbying for Ethiopian Armies marching in Somalia back in 2007? Arman is pissed off because he lost his position now,Lol, isaga laabo qabiilkaaga daga Yemen, I’m sure some shiikh will approve you if you tell him your great great grandfather and just settle in Yemen, what ever left of it,.

  • lamina

    Hi ! , i read your article and went through it about 6/7 times to understand every info bit by bit and i couldnt agree with you anyless . I would like to use parts of your blog to creat awareness that is , if its ok with you ? Thank you .

    • Abukar Arman

      Thank you for the precious time and rigorous effort that you invested in. Yes, it is OK. Best.

  • Abukar Arman

    Gurmad Press Conference on salvaging Somalia
    April 24, 2015 @ The National Press Club
    Prof Abdullahi Xiirey & Abukar Arman

  • Republic of Somaliland

    Somalia’s people harbor deep latent and sometimes open hatred for Ethiopia and the Republic of Somaliland that is in my opinion absolutely unjustified.

    The Republic of Somaliland has consistently extended an olive branch to Somalia only to recieve lunatic responses about us being Ethiopian stooges.and other outdated ideas from the coldwar. Somalis have no better friend.than Ethiopia, in the Republic of Somaliland we realise that unfortunately Somalia don’t realise that. Hate is destroying Somalia.

  • Republic of Somaliland

    The Republic of Somaliland is sandwhiched in between Djibouti to its west, Somalia to its east, Yemen to its north and Ethiopia to its south.

    The main port of Somaliland is Berbera port. Somaliland’s capital is Hargeisa.

    The official recognition of the Republic of Somaliland is the solution to the quagmire in neighboring Somalia.

  • Republic of Somaliland

    The Somali Republic has ceased to exist. It went back to its two component parts: The Republic of Somaliland and The Republic of Somalia.

    The Republic of Somaliland is a de-facto state, peaceful, functioning, democratic, but lacking official recognition.

    The Republic of Somalia on the other hand has official recognition but is de-facto not a state, not peaceful, not functioning.


  • qooradaag

    ethiopia and somaliland is brother and you can not change that and we know who is our enemies


    Egypt just found a huge Gas field, Somalia is about to start pumping oil, how long can Ethiopia and Kenya hold on to their delusional idea of keeping Somali inhabited lands once the Somali government gets on its feet and become the economic power of the region?

    Things will change very soon in Somalia’s favor, Djibouti-Somaliland-Somali region of Ethiopia-North eastern Kenya will all be turned into one country Greater Somalia, this is our God given right.

    The Somali government must focus on bringing Somaliland and Djibouti in first and then try to negotiate peacefully with Ethiopia and Kenya for the return of Somali territorries, if that fails Somalia must make an alliance with Egypt and Eritrea and unfortunately use violence as means to bring Ethiopia and Kenya to reason.

    Ethiopia and Kenya, the ball is in your court, you can choose peace and cooperation by peacefully returning illgotten gains(somali territorries) or you can be humiliated in war and be forced to give the lands back anyway. The choice is yours.

  • Yassin

    A picture is worth 1000 words as they say, look at the head-pic of this article. I only see the Ethiopian flag behind the Somali prez & Ethiopian FM who’s at Villa Somalia!

  • Hodman Dhoobaalle

    Its realy gives me heart attack to see our Nation bn divided n ruled by outsiders, where our Heroes? Where our young well educated ones? Where our role models? What are we waiting for? We only hv empty words? Where our patriotic ones? Somalia has fallen in to nemies’s hand, our current leaders are just beggars and warlords who are greedy enough. Shame on you!.

  • Kafi Liban

    Strategic move is the only way else we will end up in the hands of another group. Thanks Abukar Arman for lighting the way by using a pen.

  • abdul mohamed

    We Somalis deserve to be ruled and colonized since we cannot manage ourselves.

  • shakeeb

    “Blaming others is an act of refusing to take responsibility. When a person can’t accept the fact or the reality, they blamed another person or the situation instead of taking accountability.why cry like a pitch ethiopia did not destroy hargeisa and kill people in 1988 it was u so who is u trying to fool crying like a whore

  • Mohammed Ali

    Certain facts given on the article are true others are just pure
    twaddle. In my opinion Somali’s are born with self-pride. They will never be
    ruled by Ethiopia history shows time and again our people have defeated the
    enemy. One thing is genuine Ethiopia has developed economically based on the stability
    they have endured while our people have exterminated each other over clan based
    ideology. Secondly, the international
    community have supported Ethiopia with huge amounts of funds. Yet, still they
    have not managed to enhance the lives of their people and continue to suffer
    with starvation and authoritarian rule.

    Eventually Great Somalia will wake up from its nightmare and
    rise once again as Africa supper power. We certainly need a true leader with
    great character whom is patriotic to the flag and its people someone like Sayyīd
    Muhammad `Abd Allāh al-Hasan. Or even Mohamed
    Siad Barre who was true leader our people have only realised this today. Sadly the
    current president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud is undoubtedly lacks traits of good

  • wiil waal

    Eithiopia knows the wrath of Somalia -it is better it removes it is teeth out of Somalia and those leaders who belief that Eithopia will provide security are Imaaaan laa’aan!!!!!1

  • wiil waal

    Thank you for writing these useful insight of Somalia and it is neighbor Ethiopia. let me remind you that only Wiilwaal with his small warriors mainly coming from Jidwaaq somali clan(Abasguul and Bartire) only pushed and chased Ethiopians out of their gracing land and water points that they can not come back today. tell Ethiopians to read Kenyan GHC (geography and history books) which says Somalis are fierce tribe that no community in can stand it is way!!. Gelle words seems to be buying time and does not know difference between enemy and friend .Garissa ,Djioubuti and JIgjiga are all watched by Mgadishu from distance,


    From Hargeisa to Jigjiga to Mogadishu to Gaarissa is Somali.

    Its time for Ethiopia to hand back the Somali region to Somalia.

    Its time for Kenya to hand back the North Eastern region to Somalia.

    Dont force us to take these lands back by force. Hand them back now.

  • Khalid Aden

    salaam to my somali brothers i am poet and recently I recorded a poem based on the false dream our people are in about how we all crave for change but nobody is lifting a finger , to watch the video click on the link above.
    Or visit my youtube channels (Khalid Aden – Only A Dream) and please do share with somali community to raise awareness of the delusion they/we are trapped in.

    Thank you

  • Bashir

    Brothers and Sisters …Eithiopians can will try to split somalia in to fiefdoms but somalis know what is in Eithiopians head and Somlis know how to teach them lesson .but would also advise Ethiopians not accumulate grudges from Somlia …that can take Adis ababa away from you any time and minute


    All of yo against Ethiopia s Very Senseless,A grown and changed Somali is for all of us,Stop The hate atleast this time.

  • Abdullahi O Galayax

    We need a totalitarian government

  • Zee

    be grateful we are there. you are incapable of running or even forming a state. we have no choice but get involved in your stupid affairs because you chaos affects us. Are we to watch and do nothing as al shababa sets up and threatens us? Even poor Kenya had to get involved reluctantly. the US tried to help you previously, but they gave up after they experienced your wild behaviour. we did not choose you as neighbors-you are a burden to Ethiopia, Kenya, indeed the world. Hard facts.

    • Sagal

      Yes we have our problems is Somali just like Ethiopia have their own problems with the innocent nations they colonize against their will since 1870’s. We don’t need your help and we know you don’t want to ever see Somalia to do well so stop pretending you care to help and stop killing Somalis. We never had Alshabab until 2005 when you invaded Somalia and killed so many innocent people including women and children. Also we know Ethiopia created Alshabab so that they can continue to get paid free and easy money from American.
      Soon this will end and we will see how long you last in Somalia.