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Sub-Saharan Africa

The Tripartite Alliance

Over the course of an interview in the Mail & Guardian Zwelinzima Vavi, the secretary general of the Congress of South African Trade Unions asserted that his organization wants to re-establish itself as a more powerful player within the African National Congress’ tripartite alliance of COSATU, the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the ANC […]

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Africa, Iran and the “War On Terror”

At The Mail & Guardian Virginia Tilley, a chief research specialist at the Human Sciences Research Council, speculates about Africa's, and especially South Africa's, role in a potential war against Iran and in the “War on Terror” generally. Her conclusions are probably not what the Bush administration would want to hear: Renewed crisis in Somalia […]

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Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Liberia

Swanee Hunt, director of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and chairwoman of The Initiative for Inclusive Security, published an op-ed piece in today's  <i>Boston Globe</i> praising the progress Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, “Ma Ellen,” has made in Liberia in her first year as that country's president: Despite 14 years of […]

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The Proteas in the Caribbean

The Proteas, South Africa's cricket team, are readying themselves for the World Cup, which starts this month in the West Indies. Although a number of teams see themselves in contention to win the final in late April, the South Africans have been playing well and have a good chance to pull off a victory. If […]

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The State of Zimbabwe

Although the mandate of this blog is primarily to deal with South Africa, I plan to take a catholic view of my responsibilities and will regularly feature news and commentary from the rest of Africa. Consider my approach to represent a coupling of the Pan-Africanist dream with the fact that South Africa does not exist […]

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The State of South Africa: A Primer

Whether you are a neophyte to South Africa or an experienced hand you’ll find this article in The Economist to provide a useful primer on the current state of affairs in South Africa on matters ranging from crime to the economy to the always-fascinating political climate. For links to and analysis of Thabo Mbeki's recent State […]

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