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Africa: The Final Investment Frontier

Africa: The Final Investment Frontier

Africa’s colonial history, present state of being and promising future is the subject of a new book, Africa: Altered States, Ordinary Miracles. African journalist and author Richard Dowden discusses his book, which focuses on sub-Saharan Africa. He also weighs in on the “Frontier” Markets, Trade and foreign investment opportunities in African nations such as Nigeria and Ghana, among others; as well as the political climate in nations, such as Zimbabwe.

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Westward Ho! Hong Kong Tycoon Invests in Africa-based Biofuels

Hong Kong magnate Stanley Ho is at it again. Not formulating a “Ho Plan” for Hong Kong energy security that centers around wind power, as the growing similarities between him and T. Boone Pickens might suggest. Stanley Ho’s investment du jour, while on par with his recently established eco-trend, will not be in Asia. Rather, […]

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