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OPEC Meeting Ends without Consensus

OPEC’s meeting in Vienna a couple days ago ended without the cartel agreeing on a production level. This hasn’t happened in years (if memory serves, the last time was during the Iran-Iraq War), and it has left many questioning the organization’s future. After 5 hours of talks, the Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said, […]

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Alberta's Energy Minister Visits US to Spur Investment

Last week, Alberta’s Energy Minister Ron Liepert was in the US to promote his province’s energy sector. During breakfast at the Penn Club in Manhattan organized by the Canadian Consulate-General, he discussed a wide array of energy-related subjects. The message he had for US foreign policy was simply that Alberta (and by extension Canada as […]

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Trading With the Enemy: The Bear and the Dragon Update

In an update to the previous post, Russia is already accusing China of trying to fix market prices for the new Skovorodino-Daqing.¬† That’s very shocking, I know. Business Insider posted an article stating that the Russian government owned¬† pipeline company Transneft is not only accusing the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC) of violating the terms […]

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