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Israel Avoids 'Failed' Car-Bombing

Israeli authorities successfully diffused a ‘massive’ car-bomb in the northern city of Haifa on Saturday evening.  Over 100 kilograms of explosives were found, more than five times the amount necessary to level a municipal bus or truck.  The automobile was parked outside a mall, and appears to have targeted civilian shoppers as they entered or exited the building. 

What troubles counter-terror officials most is how this vehicle, reportedly stolen from East Jerusalem, was packed with explosives and relocated to Haifa without detection at various checkpoints.  Israeli officials repeatedly hail the West Bank barrier as a major factor in reducing terrorist activity within the Jewish state, but are worried a sophisticated new cell has found ways around such obstacles. 

Fortunately for local officials, the bomb was found and diffused after an apparent failed detonation.  Explosive materials, ball bearings, and other evidence have been taken from the scene.

It is unclear as to whether or not the attempted bombing was related to the new government coalition led by right-wing Israeli politician Benjamin Netanyahu.  While the new Prime Minister has repeatedly stated that he will be a ‘peace partner’ with the Palestinian authority, skeptics remain cautious as to the merits of this claim.  



Josh Hammer

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