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Five more ways to help the Horn of Africa

Five more ways to help the Horn of Africa

While the world community finally mobilizes to secure funding to provide aid to the people of the Horn of Africa, I wanted to provide the readers with five more recommendations (in addition to the five from an earlier post) for how you can donate directly to relief efforts.

I also encourage you to send me links to any other aid agencies that are working in the region. I will include them in future posts.

Food for the Hungry
Horn of Africa Drought Threatens Millions
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InterAction is a coalition of NGOs concerned with aid and development work. Click below to link to a list of its member NGOs working in the Horn of Africa.
Appropriate ways to help during a crisis
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International Rescue Committee

Drought and Famine in East Africa
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UNICEF programs to fight malnutrition
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Learn more about the crisis in the region:

UN Food and Agricultural Organization
Joint Statement: Stepping up to the Horn
East African Drought: A Humanitarian Snapshot (map)

UN Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit – Somalia
Research and reports on Somalia’s food security
FSNAU -Somalia Food Situation Update: June 28, 2011

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