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Qaddafi Steals Ahmadinejad’s Thunder

Qaddafi Steals Ahmadinejad’s Thunder

Looks like this year Qaddafi will be the center of attention at the UN.  While Ahmadinejad’s speech had some classic “blame West” moments, it just did not match the diatribes found in Qaddafi’s speech (For more on Qaddafi’s speech, check out the Foreign Policy Association’s Human Rights Blog).  Ahmadinejad’s speech was more subdued, but that […]

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Canada, Feinstein, Literacy, and Band-e-Amir

A few items of note to discuss: Just as I was applauding the seemingly positive news of the fact that Spain was planning to commit a few hundred more troops to the NATO effort in Afghanistan, President Stephen Harper of Canada’s spokesman Dimitri Soudas reiterated in a briefing Monday that Canada will withdraw its troops […]

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